But as they say , it’s not easy to achieve! However, at the same time , it neither, is difficult to attain. Well I know, these are the most famous citations that we come across whenever we talk or think about success!!

So, well, if it is something neither easy nor difficult to attain then what’s the mantra to gain it?

Success indeed is a function of attitude. It can’t be gained, attained or achieved but it has to be worked out for or engineered.

In simpler terms success could only be mastered by a great deal of labor , persistence & introspection. There is no fixed recipe to master it, yet, these are some specific & indispensable ingredients that go into it’s making!

Once mastered it turns into an addiction that of-course is difficult to get rid of…..but this is a healthy addiction which is not meant to be of any harm to anybody in anyway , unless , directed/ targeted in a constructive dimension.

As an instance, smart-phones are a boon if used for constructive ideas of staying aware but could be proven a bane when tooled as an encroachment into somebody’s privacy!

Having defined success as a matter of attitude, it is now required to understand how to develop this targeted attitude & in turn transform it into success. Foremost thing that an individual needs to remember is that attitude for success , just like success, too cannot be developed or attained overnight. It has to be inculcated & for that to happen one must stay focused irrespective of whatever the circumstances or conditions S/He is exposed to! Simply saying embracing failure is the key to successful attitude n success!

But as contrary to human nature , embracing failures is the most effort-full & exhausting task that not only strip us out of our positivity infact drain our mental capabilities of their true potential. So to avoid any of these things to happen to anyone.. One must always take taxing times to be golden chances of improvising & polishing one’s talents & capabilities!!

Troubling waters make the great surfers , likewise, taxing times make huge Successes! Think of any big-fish in any field i.e., media , entertainment or any other industry , every success graph is dotted with marks of failures…

Concludingly , a planned & determined approach in addition to persistent & patient attitude is what that can buy one a successful attitude & a super successful career graph!!

So it’s time to engulf success in it’s purest form and engineer our attitude to master it! Wishing all the very success to all the readers!!

Disclaimer: Any opinion expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author’s and WriteFluence does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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