Change is beautiful

Plants, animals or other living organisms

Whose life on earth sustain

Sometimes it’s difficult for them

To go through the change

With the welcome of Autumn

All the leaves on trees become dark

It shows time to goodbye

They detach themselves from the branches bark

It’s painful, but let it be

Look! Sprouts up on the tree

New leaves grow

Flowers going to blossom soon

People enjoy the more beautiful place

Light green colour filled it’s space,

With pure oxygen

Inhale the fresh air, under it’s shade

Now its a perfect place

For insect to roam around

They live happily with more new friends

Under the trees, without any rent

Birds make nest for their young ones

Where no one can touch them

They nurture safely

Without frightening from any one

It’s a natural home

Shared by different species

To accept the beautiful change

And grow with the same.

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