Book Release: Out of my BOX

Out of my BOX is now available for purchase in the paperback format on Notionpress (India) and Amazon Worldwide and available to download on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.



In January 2021 WriteFluence announced their very first exclusively-for-women-writers story-writing contest FemmeFluenza and received a whopping 79 entries in a span of just a month!

Out of my BOX is a collection of brilliant plots woven alongside the theme of celebrating womanhood and surviving through various challenges it brings along.


Aditi Jain, Afreen Shanavas, Alipi Das, Anwesha Panda, Barkha Sharma, D. Thanughna, Dikshita Bharadwaz, Diya Desai, Gowri Bhargav, Ishani Majmundar, Manher Kaur, Minakshi, Nimi Kurian, Prakhar Patidar, Rashmi Navada, Sakshvii, Sharda Mishra, Sneha Acharekar, Snehal Amembal, Udita, Mukherjee, Uma Fenton, Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale, Vini Kunhappan

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