Covid : An Invite To Fight

Today We The Humans Are United To Fight Against This Odd …& We Are Bound To Emerge Victorious …As We As A Race Are Firm To Not To Share Our Beloved Planet With Any ill.!!

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Oh you! Corona..
You are a random frequency to our antenna.
Just like a disturbing noisy guest,
Who everybody detest.
A bio-weapon virus;
That was hired ,
Intentionally to wreck havoc,
But amazingly you promoted unity & growth.
However contrary seem this thought & approach,
Evidently we all came out as more humane & grateful to the almighty god.
For we so survived this fight,
Loaded with all our might.
Rewarded we ourselves with vaccination,
In such a short span of duration.
Ecstatically we celebrated this fruitful gain,
Only to be subjugated again.
Bewildered we gaze upon it’s ramped up pace,
Although this time with the weapon of vaccination in place.


It seems a sight of respite..
For now around we are laced to fight tight.
But you too are firm on your ground;
With evolution you come double mutant bound.
Securing a firm grip,
Never do you plan to leave.
However you dear fussy virus;
Dont underestimate the power of our Corona-wariors,
For all your dreams would end,
When we the humans stand erect to give you a mend.
Then would be a new highlight,
To watch you crib & fight tight.
Though it would not be of any use,
Since you are doomed to loose.
For no bad could stay forever..
Nor could it shadow the Saviour..
As the Time always favors the liberator..
So the sun shines bright  after every dark & gloomy affair!!

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