The journey to Earth


There are your favorite choco chip cookies in the kitchen. Don’t rush towards the kitchen. First take a proper hot water bath, put your uniform in the washing machine and switch on, I have already poured detergent and germ cleaner it in. And after you are done eating the cookies make a call to me. I’ll be back soon.

Love, Mamma.

Naisha found this note hanging on the refrigerator door supported with a decorative ferrite magnet. After reading the note she did as directed and entered the kitchen joyously. She gently took out a plate from the shelf and placed cookies in it and sat in front of the Tv. Catching cookie in one hand and changing channels with the other was fun to her.

On her previous birthday before blowing the candles to cut the cake she prayed to use a time machine one’s in her lifetime. Today it seemed like her wish came true.
Alone in the house when she was searching for another cookie in her plate nothing came to her hand and she realized that she has finished everything. She then made a call to mother as directed in the note. Her mother told that she would return home the next day.

As she switched the Tv onn a boom sound interrupted her from the balcony. She immediately rushed towards the balcony and spotted a lady dressed in pink embroidered saree already present there. Out of fear, Naisha asked her about herself and who she was. The lady explained that she was Ashwini, came from Indralok to fulfill Naisha’s wish. At first Naisha didn’t trust her but when Ashwini showed Naisha the scene of her cutting cake on her birthday by forming a huge bubble screen on her right palm using her magical powers, Naisha was forced to believe in her.

Out of curiosity Naisha asked, “So when are you taking me into the time machine?”

“We can leave now, but can you please give a glass of water?”

“Yes sure”

Handing a glass of water to Ashwini, Naisha asked, “How did you come from Indralok to here?”

“I came on the golden chariot provided by Lord Indra. The distance from Indralok to Earth is very long and the traffic in Mumbai is horrible, I don’t know how humans live here with so much pollution and dirt. Indralok is very neat and clean”

“It is common for us, we are habituated to live in this pollution.”

Handing the empty glass to Naisha, Ashwini asked her to come along with her on the golden chariot.

Climbing onto the chariot Naisha asked, “Where is the time machine?”

“It is this, the golden chariot”

“But it doesn’t look scientific, a time machine should have a historical structure.”

“Those are all in movies, this chariot is only the time machine. Now tell me where you want to go?”


“Okay so lets leave, wear the seat belt properly Naisha”

“Wait a second, where is your mask?”


“Yes, and are you carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It is must on Earth have you not heard about it? I have an extra mask in my pocket take it. I’ll get hand sanitizer from the house.”

Naisha quickly got down of the chariot, opened the balcony door, took the sanitizer bottle kept on her table and rushed into the chariot via balcony.

“Is anything more left Naisha?”

“No nothing. Let’s leave”

“Okay, close your eyes until I ask to open them”

“Why so?”

“It is the protocol, please follow”


After a two minutes Ashwini asked her to open her eyes.

“So we are at your house and in the year 2045. But everyone here is in some kind of similar suit, do you know why?”

“Those are not suits, those are PPE kits. They are protecting their bodies from harmful germs. Now please take me to the Niasha of this genration.”

“Okay, she must be in some work. Let’s wait here in the hall”

The Naisha of 2045 entered from the study room and got surpised to see her old self sitting on the sofa. The Naisha of 2021 waved a hand to her future self with anxiety and the Naisha of 2045 fainted.

After a few sprinkles of water droplets on her face the 2045 Naisha woke and asked Ashwini and Naisha of 2021 who they were. Ashwini explained everything to the future Naisha and then she recollected what happened to her in her childhood. After a quick chit chat suddenly Ashwini sneezed and both the Naishas’ moved away.

“Why did you both go far? It’s just cold”, asked Ashwini

“Cold!!”, The present Niasha shouted.

The future Naisha said, “Don’t worry I have the Covid kit at home”

The Naisha of future generation tested Ashwini and the results came within minutes and Ashwini was tested positive.

“Oh my god, positive”, screamed the present Naisha.

“It’s not a thing to worry Ashwini, take the medicines I’m giving you and go back to Indralok and isolate yourself for 15 days.”, said the future Naisha.

“Then what about me? How will I go back home?”, questioned the present Naisha.

“It’s okay, I have 10-15 PPE kits at home. You can take one.”, suggested the future Naisha.

Out of confusion Ashwini spoke, “What are you guys talking about? What happened to me?”

“You are Covid positive. There is an infectious disease named Corona Virus which was discovered in the year 2019 on Earth. It’s general symptoms are cold, cough, fever, headache, body pains, and throat pain.”, replied the Naisha of 2021.

“So am I going to die now?”, asked Ashwini.

“It depends on your luck”, replied the present Naisha.

“For now take the medicines I’m giving you. I have three oxygen cylinders, carry one with you. Wear mask and PPE kit always, use sanitizer, and stay isolated for 15 days.”, said the future Naisha.

“Yes, now you should immediately go back to Indralok staying on Earth is not safe for you.”, said the present Naisha.

After dropping Naisha of 2021 at her house in the present. Ashwini left for Indralok. There as directed by Naisha she didn’t touch anyone/anything directly went into her room and got isolated. Everyone in Indralok got tensed when they came to know that Ashwini wasn’t coming out of the room from past 15 days. And on the 16th day Ashwini finally came out wearing a mask, a PPE kit and carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Everyone there asked her what was wrong with her. And then Ashwini came live on Indrabook which is just like Facebook on Earth and explained the Indralok citizens everything about Covid-19.

Within a span of a decade, everyone in Indralok started behaving like the people of 2045. Wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers and living inside PPE kits to prevent the effect of Covid-19 there. Now there is no entry of the citizens from Earth to Indralok and no one from there ever visits Earth again.

Now it depends on us. If we choose to protect ourselves now and follow the Covid-19 guidelines then we might not have the same consequences in future. But if we neglect the present situation, our future generation has to live with masks, PPE kits and sanitizer bottles.
You reap what you sow.

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