Anushree Bose – Co-author, Wafting Earthy

Anushree Bose is a clinical researcher specializing in the scientific study of severe mental disorders like Schizophrenia. She has a PhD in Psychiatry and a Master’s degree in Psychology. She has over fifty scientific journal publications to her credit and is peer reviewer for several Psychiatry journals. Beyond academics, she likes to read, write and wonder about the human nature, something she explores through poetry and fiction. Her stories and poems feature in several published and upcoming anthologies: Everything Changes After that: 25 Women, 25 Stories (eShe Stort Story Contest Win), Through the Looking Glass – Indie Blu(e) publishing (in preparation), eShe Lockdown poetry Contest 2020 (September Issue), Songs of Peace: World’s Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry 2020, and Aatish-2. She has contributed to Active Muse, Muse India, Berlin ArtParasite, and Spark India.


You can find Anushree on Instagram @byanushreebose or on Facebook

We asked Anushree a few questions to get to know her better and here’s what she had to say:

I have been writing since… 

I was in school. I mostly scribbled poetry and personal essays for myself.

My favorite author(s) and book(s)? 

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun and Americanah
  • Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth and Interpreter of Maladies
  • Arundhati Roy’s God of Small things
  • Short stories by Simon Van Booy, O Henry and Satyajit Ray

My journey as a writer: 

I am a poet inside out who is warming up to writing fiction. The transition has been triggered by experiences too vivid and intense to be contained in a few, delicate strings forming a poem.

Why should we read you?

To experience how nuanced and complex apparently insignificant moments can be.

My favorite genre to read / write:

Literary Fiction

What advice would you give young and aspiring writers?

Write what you would love to read, and put your piece out there only when you cannot put it down as a reader.

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Here’s an except from Anushree’s winning story Jackfruit that’s now published in Wafting Earthy:

The golden sun spilt across the cloudy sky like the nucleus of a poached egg oozes out upon teasing. The recently distempered lime green cottage of the Banerjees stood solemn in the sultry summer. Tall brick-walls secured its perimeter. The house itself resembled a handsome square-face with straight walls, a mahogany door for a mouth and two stained glass windows for eyes. From across the street, the foliage of jujube, guava, jackfruit and mango trees crowding the front yard looked like irregular bangs hugging the gable-roofed forehead of the cottage. Binodini liked this view of the house best. A little distance made it seem so welcoming and guileless! On her first day, she had stood transfixed at the sight of this little nook of a paradise, sincerely hoping to make it her home. Relatives and neighbors had come to bless her on the occasion of her bodhu baran ceremony, bearing presents of gold, silver, silk, and brass.

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