Behind closed doors

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Next time you see me, take a close look
Deep into my eyes, to see the longing soul
That seeks freedom from the hazardous work
My slender hands are forced to do
I wish to hold a pencil and learn to write
Just like the many other children out there
Yearning for a ray of hope stays my story
Hidden behind the closed door of humanity


I’ll pull out the clouds from my little sky,
Dabble some pastel hues across the walls,
Scribble my arcane thoughts over the ply,
Paint them auburn as the evening falls,
I spend an eternity behind closed doors,
In this querencia I hear my silence sing,
Row my boat of conscience with cosmic oars,
Fly wingless beneath the celestial pores.


Behind the closed doors in a dim little corner ,
Lies the true self ,
The voices unheard ,
The struggles to survive,
The pain and misery ,
The battel of life .
The little of hope that is left ,
Is throttled before it sees the sunlight.



The thought of combat with the world
For their conclusions on me
Without an insight;
The fake smile ends
Finally! Living my darling life
My favoured brain celebrates
And the hustle incepts
Behind closed doors!


Behind closed doors, lies a world
Not visible to you, me or any from the fold
Moments in private of love untold
Or passions unleashed as they unfold;
Sometimes we hear whispers like caresses,
Sometimes we hear sobbing and tears
From morning to night laughter n gurgles lurk
Waiting to pounce where tears strike!


As the doors close, I reveal my inner side.
I enter my own world, leaving the world aside.
The books turn into wonderland.
The songs play in background.
I turn the ruler of my world.
No one to disturb.
No one to interrupt.
As I get lost into unknown, when doors of my room close.

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Behind closed doors an introvert sits,
Dancing to the beats of her heart,
Singing with an invisible mic,
Creating a bizarre art.
Behind closed doors an introvert sits,
Lost in the pages of a book,
A magical room it is for her,
However ordinary it may look.


Behind closed doors 
Lives a  trodden soul, acting puerile
To hide her emotions, weeping alive 
To forget of trauma and mishandle 
To stay away from it ,for life 
She defenestrated the world aside
And is ready to flout 
The Silence being ostracized


Behind the close doors
Lies Abundance and Prosperity
Sometimes, you are stuck
In a house without any windows
Where you cant find your own truth!
To unlock the goodness
Aspire, Dedicate, Hope
Be generous and keep giving
The best of yourself as it helps to
Find the path from your own locked up head!


Behind closed doors
I look into the mirror,
Rays dispersing my beliefs,
Shattering my dreams
Piercing straight through my heart,
Ripping my hope, part by part,
Freckled filled face, lips become chapped,
and smile is forever trapped.


Behind closed doors
my eyes probed for a bit light
to browse through my scars and cuts
to scan through my bleeding vagina;
I peeped through the keyhole anew
nevertheless futile yet,
to find a new moira
but resulted under his legs again!

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It was fine
When we were told
To stay behind closed doors
But now
They want us to
Close our minds too
Along with silencing
Our voices of dissent.


He smirked with pride after boasting his masculinity,
And she kept sitting on the floor.
Her startled eyes gored at the unimaginable,
Gathering the crumpled pieces of her dignity.
Behind the closed doors that day,
a soul was shattered by the con.
Another love lost,
Another Lust won.


Behind closed doors
Lies a secret room
That appears in solar eclipse
And in full moon.
You better stay away from
The treasure hidden there,
For it’s unfathomable value is guarded
By creatures with fangs bare.


Behind closed doors, a muffled scream dies
Beneath fake laughter are buried her cries
Red vermilion smeared on the door’s lock
Her wounds go unheard behind the block
A heart parched of emotions stays in for years
With taunts and foul words falling on her ears
The passers by know it all, yet nobody helps
She fights her battles alone with tears, cries and yelps.


Behind closed doors many a stories unfold.
While some sit in unhappy quarantine, as they have been felled by a virus mean.
The newly-weds, on the other hand on their honeymoon,
Are found behind the doors even in the afternoons.
Metaphorically speaking some are always behind closed doors,
Their warped reasoning leaves a wide open floor.
A person who manages to free his mind from all these cobwebs,
Is truly an enlightened soul and rides well life’s flow and ebb.



Behind closed doors,
Everyone lives in their own mental chores,
Sunk in their chaos and fantasies
Like dual personalities
Behind closed doors 
We don’t’ pretend to score,
Our sufferings and troubles are us 
And not what we put on our statuses.


Behind the doors wings are tied
She silently cried
Let me give once chance to fly
I will surely touch the sky
No one heard, as everyone deaf
They only seen her as their chef
What will they eat or do?
Without the living robot with no due.


Been playing in the fields, it’s been ages now.
All barren and empty it was, and then this shack arises out of nowhere.
With all this strange graffiti engraved on those wooden walls.
This crooked crow sitting on the front porch, constantly cawing.

Is this all meant to remind me of something?
Or it’s just another one of my dreams to which I am succumbing?
What’s in there? What does it store?
Curious than ever before, what’s behind those closed doors?


Behind closed doors,
Lies a life unexposed.
Unexposed to the world outside,
The actual life lies inside.
A life sans glitz and glamour,
Having real relations for flavour,
That’s the actual life,
The life behind closed doors.


Behind the closed doors,
lives a very hungry witch,
She feeds on my insecurities,
and leaves the wound open to stitch.
I scream for help,
wishing someone can hear me from miles,
but she glares at me with such a wicked smile,
reminding me i am forever cursed to live in exile.
The witch knows my fears,
she has seen all my tears,
each night she whispers in my ear,
how she would always be near,
holding my hand, never to disappear.
And so, her lullabies, I continue to hear.

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Behind the closed doors of the Kings,
Lies the castigated Religion,
Suffocated with barbed wires of monarchies and sovereignty,
Not that the byzantine door never opens!
It does only to summon scapegoats for more pestilential slaughters!
Then, they chisel more and more and more closed doors of the many kings’ and their kingdoms!
Once again there are closed doors, many of them
Behind each of them lies a new elegy bleeding to a gruesome death only to be falsely celebrated!


Behind closed doors,
we all look for an escape.
Somewhere far across the shores,
to figure out our lives’ landscape.
In order to break free,
we all search for a spree.
In the movie of life,
we all deserve an interval to survive.


Behind closed doors she locked herself.
She cried, she screamed, she scratched the walls, she bore through it all.
She asked the almighty, Why?
“Iron is the strongest when hit the hardest”
She put up a smile, she walked through the hall, knowing it all, unafraid of her next fall.
Until, behind closed doors she locked herself.



Behind the closed door,
A girl lives there… All alone.
She always wonder what’s behind there,
She heard a lot of stories about the world lied behind those doors,
Some says there is a beast,
Who’ll kill, if u go there,
Some says there are lots of fairies ,you’ll meet if you did any good deed,
Some says there are stairs, leads to heaven ,
But, what was truly behind the doors ,nobody knows.


The curtains open and the stage is set,
The girl dances for the bookshelf, the desk and the bed
Behind closed doors, the show has commenced,
Behind closed doors, it shall also come to an end.
The test tubes and crucibles lay strewn around,
Failed experiments, days and nights, the truth still spellbound,
Behind closed doors, she works tirelessly,
Behind closed doors, they label her ‘mad scientist’ soon to be.

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