Let’s Choose To Die With Peace- I

Peace befalls upon those who work for it as it could not be bought or sold as per the free will. It demands rationality and commands thoughtful activity.

Let’s wage no War:
For it only destructs and not imposes order,
It only births discontent and devastation,
It is sowing the seeds of revenge vengeance that would only bear hatred..
That would weave the fabric of the blood of our beloved countrymen and soldiers.
Remember thee no peace could be bestowed upon by war!!
War breeds darkness and evokes fear;
O human! A death by war is nothing but a burden to bear,
For the generations to come it is a debt to repay,
No death by war is a path to heavenly gateway.!!

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Let’s not be Unsustainable:
That nature reciprocates in the ways harsh & utter rage;
For it would birth chaos and disorder,
O human! Thee may extinct to never be back at all.
For how perishable thou art..
You must keep nature’s order intact as it was,
So for peace to thrive thee must do that is right,
And stay humane to the Mother Nature that provides.
No death by plundering Mother Nature  leads to Heavenly Gateway!


Let’s not be Inhumane:
For to be a human is a supreme experience..
Nurture  this entitlement with all the love and care.
O human! Forgetnot in giving and helping there is no despair,
For being of service to others is such a peaceful affair.
Humanity thrives in being humble and polite,
When one reciprocates to your smile.
It is a lovely phenomenon;
To be a Human.
No death by being inhumane leads to the gateway of Heaven!!

To die peacefully …one must act correspondingly!!

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