Was that my last vacation?

Covid has screwed up all vacation plans! The least one can do right now is reminisce about the last time one went for that vacation… When was it?

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Top 3 winners:


Against amber skies, the sun slowly descends,
The pebbled beach leaving imprints on the soles of my wandering feet.
I laugh carelessly, the wind rustling my already wild hair;
Smug in the knowledge that I have a secret ensconced within my womb.
Today, when my mind doesn’t cooperate, I nudge it to relive that evening.
And it is this memory that I hold onto tightly,
Convincing myself that it was indeed our last vacation as a family of three;
But now, the four of us have the world to see.


Was that really my last vacation?
Going to the Isles
of Scotland had been such a temptation.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my wanderlust would be then stopped?
But then a tiny virus did leave the whole world shocked!
Nessie, the Loch Ness monster seems to have lived up to her name,
Though considered a myth, I have no one else to blame.
The beauty of the loch she fumed was being sullied by pesky visitors,
So she deemed it fit that we were all confined to our homes as prisoners.


Cobbled narrow lanes, Pebbled floors with stains!
Cycles parked by walls, Children creating squalls!
Summer’s just begun, Playful spirits undone
Temperatures soaring, Birds all chirping
Gentle zephyr blows, Flowers and bees repose
With all our wine & merry, Little did we know of nature’s fury,
Was that my last vacation? Life turned a 360 to an everyday staycation!
Of pandemics, panics and closed borders, Evil finally caught up with us for inhumane disasters!



Yet another home assignment downloads
While copying the notes, she’s drained
“How much to write in a single day!”
Of online classes, her fingers and eyes complain!
“Atleast you can talk to your friends during your meetings!”
She vents out her boredom, crying out her pain
“It’s been two years Ma, since our trip to Matheran.
Was that my last vacation? Will we never travel again?”


If vacation is
A state of mind
My last one was this morning
When I did Pranayam
And emptied my mind
Of all judgements
And filled it
With gratitude.


Was that my last vacation?
My urge and temptation..?
The lockdown leaves me in frustration
Free and not a care for protocol and precaution,
Death is devoid of any discrimination
Was that my last vacation?
Now survival is my only determination
With uncertainty as my foundation.


Was that my last vacation?
Wondered I in my mundane routine.
Well, no came the answer,
From my mind, that roamed destinations.
Your words quilled in your staycation,
Are you trips taken.
So pack up and don the goggles,
And get set for the next destination.


Was that my last vacation,
The rush to airport,
The joy of packing,
The excite of the journey!
The best laid plans!
For the vacation to be a success!
Have they all gone awry!
Will I feel the excitement ever again!
Of newer shores!


She stood near the shore and closely watched the ocean sway,
Whilst the beach waves ebbed the sand away.
She felt as if it took along her pieces that had fallen apart.
The ocean breeze caressed her and silenced the worries,
Whilst the beach waves whispered her some lullabies.
She felt as if it was the first time she heard her heartbeat.
It was her last vacation where she learned to embrace her imperfections, rawness & pain,
It became her favorite vacation as she learned to let go & regained herself again.


Here goes the poem:
Mesmerizing sunrise, Ephemeral sunset
Lukewarm sand sinking under the sole pit.
Immemorial flights with gliding seagulls,
Landing in the gushing waves by gravity pull.
Bedazzled by aquamarine sight in a huge dip,
Plunging acrophobia by jumping off the cliff.
Are we caged now or nature caged us then?
Was that the last time of my mindful vacation?


Smiling and covered with love
as a blanket of our own devotion
Sleeping in peace, as the night moved in slow motion
Waves from the beach, it was the earth’s own recitation
It was like nothing could ever go wrong,
with you, my knight, my one perception,
I can’t even deal with this transformation,
Was that my last vacation?



Was that my last vacation?
Though it may be; but I can’t let it be the one
Coz; my hopes and visions are too high
Than the massive pandemic.
Though the life’s getting lonewolf
But do you know my stunning buddies
Still the best part of my life
Soon will be on our next trip together!


Away from the noise of the cities
we visited the hill stations,
And trotted the green valleys, with bliss and elation,
The day we returned home, a painful truth you told,
You had loved someone else, and had never been my own,
My eyes brimmed with tears, Ears rang a deafening question,
With you as my husband
“Was that my last vacation?”


When the wind ran crisp through my hair
Before I was trapped in my rocking chair!
When the starlit sky soothed my soul
Before I stared at the ceiling like a ghost!
When I walked past a stranger on my toes
Before it was criminal to see a human up close!
When the mind reveled in the ecstasy of nature
Before it worried only of pathogens and o2 cylinders!

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Jump out of busy routine,
Follow the things to be I was keen
Reading, writing, cooking , gardening
Running, cycling, skipping with teen
Enjoyed full time with family
Live the things which I never been
Enjoyed my lockdown vacation at home
Without any real outside scene.


The free sailing sun kissed branches
Which joyously came to rest without maintaining “social distance”
Either upon “crowded” pebbles or golden sand
The soft song of the marram grasses
The green lullaby that spoke so well
To my soul, even sans a mask
Alas! little did I know, those sweet mutterings
Would be etched forever as my last vacation in the “viral” sands of time.


Tropical beaches, cerulean waters.
Pure white sand, dreamy weather.
Early mornings, long walks.
A tad of soul-searching, heart-to-heart talks.
No fixed regime, no snoozing of alarm.
Sans life’s humdrum, I revel in the calm.
Ah! I just had an epiphany.
Was that my last vacation?

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