Mirror Mirror on the wall

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Mirror mirror on the wall,
Till date you stand mighty tall;
Lording over empty space-
Men and women, full of grace!
An illusion you do share
Reflecting the truth bitter and bare!
Some joyous, beam with delight,
Some, shake frightfully with their might!


I woke up everyday and looked at my reflection a certain way,
I wasn’t pleased with what I saw, a pimple here, a black spot there,
I dyed my hair and pierced my nose ,
Hoping that I would like myself just a little more,
When that didn’t work , I cut my hair and put on lipstick ,
Still couldn’t bring myself to like my reflection one bit,
Somewhere along the road I realized, there was nothing wrong with me,
All I had to do was wipe the mirror clean, the black spot was on the mirror , not on me


She dreamt of herself as Cinderella and Snow white
When the mirror on the wall reflected her as dusky
She pushed aside her fantasies, trapping herself in a cocoon
Deciding her destiny, she knocked every obstacle in her path,
Years passed by, she stood again before the mirror on the wall
Her coat is white, a pristine hue overpowering her dark skin
Browned? not anymore, she could see the world’s elegant gaze on her,
A respected person running around saving lives, her real identity


Every midnight her blue mesmerizing eyes,
Ask universe the questions,
That are on her mind,
Of years of turmoil and tears,
Eyelids withered as rose, hair turns grey,
With every passing day,
Her oceanic eyes becomes so vulnerable,
While loathing at the mirror.

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Mirror mirror on the wall,
Isn’t the mask beautiful,which is shown to all..
But,why do I have to pretend to be someone else,
Why can’t I unleash the real me, deep inside my mind who dwells.
Yes,I am sometimes scared of their opinions,
Yes,I am scared of being left out in the millions.
But,oh mirror! Will they accept the real me…
Or is it better to mask my real personality…


Mirror Mirror on the wall
Whilst I look at you with my brooding eyes
A gush of fire surges inside
Reminding me of my incinerated face
Inundating the rugged crevices of my unfulfilled dreams
Fastening my loose emotions together
Fighting the bitter demons and burning hope
I ornate myself with resoluteness and undaunted courage.



Mirror mirror on the wall
Can I trust you as you stand tall?
You are what I show you and I am what I believe myself to be,
There is a real mirror inside me which reflects my soul,
But I am so grateful to you,
As you help me in caring well for my appearance,
Well that is also important,
As we judge the people by their demeanor instead of their inner elegance.


Dear mirror mirror on the wall,
Can you show me a glimpse of the times when I was small?
I am looking for a kid who didn’t hesitate before she talk
Who was a carefree soul, playing in the mud, without worrying about her new frock
A girl who used to come over to you, where she would enact multiple roles
Being happy as if that was her only life goal
Hey, mirror can you help me to find her smile
A smile which I have been searching for years, which was simple yet with a style!


Mirror mirror on the wall
Do you frown too
As they unmask themselves
Have you tasted betrayal
By many faces hidden inside a single being
Or maybe you know just one
That stands bare, always the same
The real one.


He who was bullied for his looks
He who was laughed at for his scars from the battles he fought
He who couldn’t face himself in the mirror
He who was afraid of the world
You walked into his life
With all the love and charm
For you could see his soul in the mirror
Oh dear, reflections are not what you see, but what you feel in the mirror of your heart



Mirror mirror on the wall, when did I turn into a beach ball?
Work from home has caused an irreparable harm;
Double chin and wobbling belly has engulfed my fine form.
No dress code has added to my woes, loose Tshirts and pjyamas has cleverly hidden the accumulating adipose.
Now It’s either the treadmill or lose my treats,
The choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Facing up to the challenge is inherent to my nature,
I will promise myself to do both and win this wager!


Mirror mirror on the Wall,
Who are the fairest ones of all?
Tell me about those pretty girls
Whose giggles chirp as they twirl.
“My dear,” smiled the Mirror,
“Look me in the eye.
You’ll see the prettiest face
Once your tears dry.”


Mirror Mirror on the wall
Do you reflect the truth at all
I see what I want to see
Despite your revealing all
Is it moral bankruptcy
That catches your fancy
To reflect light where there’s none
Or is it just to prove your efficiency


Mirror mirror on the wall
Do you not see the change at all?
Do you not see those fading smiles
The questions they ask themselves staring in your glare?
Mirror mirror on the wall
Caste your spell and switch it all
Bring back those younger days
Filled with laughter captured in your glare.


Mirror mirror on the wall
Sitting across the hall
Reflecting truth it shall 
Not desired by all
Age of innocence to wrinkles
Deceit and trust it twinkles
In its silence it screams 
The reality you hide even in your dreams


Mirror mirror on the wall
Weather teddy bear or Barbie doll
You are the prettiest among all
Tan skin, blue eyes and imperfect body
You embrace your each flaw like a queen
Wear your crown and be proud of your pretty soul
Mirror mirror on the wall
Don’t ask just proudly say I am the prettiest of all!


Mirror mirror on the wall
I peep into into you standing tall
On some days you show me my soul
On some days you show me my mole
Both are what makes me Me
Something I’m happy to be
Flaws and faults coexist with my skills n gifts
I’m who I am and proud of all those “me-lists”!


Mirror mirror on the wall
You are my best pal
You don’t laugh at me
When I cry
You laugh with me
When I laugh
You don’t flatter me either
And, to me, that is all that matters



The water oozed all over my face
after the good morning water splash
my deep blue eyes called out the late-night stress
I saw my mom on the left with the red roses
and dad on the right with his old cam
once again I got my family time,
through the glass piece I hanged
again the water oozed, but with the salty tang.


Mirror mirror on the wall,
Go ahead and show me all that you want,
I neither have a flawless face nor the perfect shape,
Hark! I’m not here to please the eyes around me,
Beneath all the flesh and blood,
I have the purest heart that radiates from deep within,
I know my worth and that’s enough,
I’m happy just the way I am.


Mirror mirror on the wall
Do I look like a ball?
Show me something that I love
A waist so small and a face of dove
Relax, don’t get harsh on me
I will take care of my body with glee
Just accept my friendship buddy
Will look at you everyday all ready


Mirror mirror on the wall
What’s the definition of beauty for you?
They call me ugly and can’t accept my scars,
Am I not beautiful enough for you?
Why can’t I face them the way I face you?
They make fun of me, call me names,
insult my marks and play nasty games.
Didn’t my scars ever bothered you?


Mirror mirror on the wall
Will you tell me what’s my fault,
Darkness is my beauty
For him why I am a harpy?
Dear! Everyone loves to gaze the night
Not at sun so bright
Let’s assume you are as dark as coal
But you know only a coal having a Diamond soul.



Mirror Mirror on the Wall.
I’m neither fair nor tall.
Short and stout is my frame.
How does this make me an object of shame?
They don’t look beyond my beauty.
I’ve wisdom, courage, confidence aplenty.
A heart brimming with love and compassion.
My imperfections are my priceless possessions.


Mirror mirror on the wall,
Did my waist look like a hall?
Oh, dress is so nice, but tight,
dear, to wear it, you have to fight.
Contented, the way nature created me,
But, accepting the challenge, nothing can stop me.
I came out from my cocoon and turned into butterfly
Just carved out a little and now ready to fly high…

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