Writing that perfect Author Bio

This is an important one. Writing an author bio is about telling your readers about who you are, what you write, why readers should read you, and how you stand out from other writers. Your author bio is a critical marketing tool as who are you are is as important as what your book is all about.

Always write in the third person. Your professional bio is not an autobiography. Though you are the person who is writing your bio, you want it to sound as though someone else wrote it—someone who’s objective and not biased toward you. Establishing a third-person perspective when writing about yourself establishes trust and professionalism. Author bios come across as more professional when using the third person point of view, versus the first person.

List important achievements, education and experience; only facts about yourself when you mention credentials. Mention any memberships you have in writing clubs, business groups, etc. Display your best writing skills and keep it tight. Keep sentences short. Make sure every sentence really needs to be there. Listing every career achievement ever accomplished may come across as somewhat boastful and unnecessary.


Watch your tone. You would have to select your writing style based on your writing and your understanding of your audience, or the type of audience you’d like to have for your book. Adding a few personal hobbies helps the reader connect with the author. Include those interests that complement the theme of the book or that target your reader persona.

Write an interesting summary of your life, and how it relates to the book you wrote. Include something unique and important about you that your reader will remember or associate with you for a long time.


A seasoned professional should also include other titles they have written in their bio. In addition, a career writer can include in the bio their “best-seller” status and any awards they have won, if these accomplishments were indeed achieved. 

Hope this helps you create that appealing author bio for your next book!

Happy WriteFluencing!

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