Dear Ma, – A letter from Akshara P.

By Akshara P., 10

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37 replies

  1. Wonderful dear! You’ve penned really well.

  2. Wonderful dear! Your mom would be proud.

  3. Very nicely written

  4. Excellent, keep going on

  5. Excellent writing

  6. Such a beautifully written letter Akshara👌, proud mom Divya 👍

  7. Awesome akshara…. Excellent writing. Really ur mom will be proud . Continue ur writing 🤝🤝

  8. Beautiful Akshara….❤️. Living upto to your name with penning magical words to your beloved Mom.❤️God bless

  9. Excellent Kutty

  10. Excellent Akshara..keep your good work going…

  11. Very Good. Keep writing more and more. Best Wishes.

  12. Very Good. So well written! Keep writing more. Best Wishes.

  13. Good thoughts Akshara. Wish you good luck.

  14. Awesome letter and beautiful writing…
    Keep on writing akka…
    May ur wishes comes true akka…☺️❤️

  15. Osm da❤❤

  16. Soo beautiful❤❤

  17. Your letter was so beautiful , straight from your heart! ❤️

  18. Lovely already made amma proud…may you always grow n succeed

  19. Excellent God bless you

  20. Well written. Keep it up

  21. Akshara, your handwriting is too good…very good thoughts and ur lathi play skills are also awesome

  22. U penned it straight from heart dear. Its so beautiful… ♥️U started ur account to make ur mom proud from now itself… God bless u dear… Keep writing… 🙂

  23. Dear Akshara,
    Good job, ways to go….
    Very attractive presentation and you have nailed the letter with your words.
    All the best 👍

  24. Akshara it touched my soul😍❤

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