Dear Ma, – A letter from S. Daksha

By S. Daksha, 10

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52 replies

  1. Really very touching letter ❤

  2. Daksha, your letter is so touching, just couldn’t control the tears rolling down my cheeks. Very true the relationship between mom and daughter is so precious. Being so bosom to your mom is like being close to the almighty. You are blessed to have such a beautiful and an angelic mom. Your mom is equally blessed to have a pretty angel like you with golden heart. Tune into more love bcoz mom’s love is an ocean, never dries. Stay blessed both.

  3. Wonderful touching

  4. Excellent Daksha… Beautiful words. Keep it up..

  5. Very touching words from the bottom of her heart!

  6. A beautiful letter Daksha! This must be a proud moment for your mom. She will always cherish this letter.

  7. A wonderful letter and also a proud moment to both, the child and the mom…words are poweful than doings…These precious words gives her mom a great moment…

  8. Superb daksha, very good to saw this letters .all the best to continue ur skills and talents, proud moment for your mom . nice keep IT up

  9. Amazing feeling! Keep this up kiddo! This is from the heart to the heart and lovely! Kudos!

  10. Wonderful wording.. touches base of soul. You got fantastic talent, Daksha.

  11. A mother is a god’s wonderful gift. You have beautifully expressed what’s in your mind. Excellent expression. God bless you

  12. Beautifully written Daksha, I can feel your heart out on paper 👏👏👏

  13. It is the most heartmelting letter I have read!! Soopper Daksha!!!

  14. Heart touching letter..

  15. So heart touching letter, super Daksha

    • Wonderful daksha, super letter and
      God bless you dr for great heart ❤ wish you all success.

  16. Moms are angels.. Daksha sister you also proved those words.

  17. Wonderful Daksha… 👍.

  18. உலகின் வரம் அன்னை. இறைவனின் மறுஉருவம். அன்னையைப் போற்றிய சொற்கள் அருமை!
    வாழ்த்துகள் தக்க்ஷா!
    மென்மேலும் எழுதுக!!

  19. ❤️ beautiful daksha! Keep it up!

  20. Daksha, what a lovely letter! The writing is heartfelt and evokes many warm feelings.

  21. Beautifully expressed Daksha, may god bless you dear.

  22. Beautiful letter, proud to ur mom

  23. Beautifully written Dakshu…You are amazing!!Keep on rocking!!

  24. Wonderful Daksha. God bless u da.

  25. Wonderful letter
    Super Daksha

  26. You are the little fairy. Luv this Daksha.

  27. Awesome work Daksha!!!!

  28. Words from bottom of her heart.. Awesome work dakshu 👏👏

  29. A perfect bliss… Stay blessed dear 👏

  30. Really a very nice letter Daksha. A beautiful and thoughtful way to represent your affection towards Amma.

  31. Awesome as always…keep going ❣️

  32. Semma da paapa..congratulations…

  33. Wonderful letter

  34. Touched by the words Daksha, clearly portrays the relationship between mother and daughter. Keep going. All the best

  35. Good to see Kids appreciating the mom’s efforts. Nicely written

  36. Excellent letter Daksha. Beautiful and thoughtful way to express your affection for your mother.

  37. Wonderful letter 💕 wish all success daksha

  38. Wow wow 🤩

  39. Beautifully written Daksha

  40. Daksha you are an awesome kid and your letter to mom is heart touching. In this young age you have well written the feelings and bonding of mom and daughter very naturally. All the best. God bless you dear.

  41. Daksha, its a wonderful piece of work dear. Heartmelting one..You have just poured out your love in such a beautiful way!! Keep it up!

  42. Daksha, it s a wonderful piece of work! Heartmelting jus poured out your love in such a beautiful way. Keep it up!

  43. Superb Daksha 😍

  44. Very good work. Keep it up Daksha. …..

  45. Good Daksha.Proud moment for the mother.

  46. Wow! Excellent writing !Nice exposure,keep it up!

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