Dear Ma, – Letter by Joanna Gummadi

Joanna Gummadi, 8

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22 replies

  1. 5 stars for Joanna Gummadi

  2. Beautiful lines by a small girl for her mother ❣️

  3. Excellent

  4. May God be with you Good job

  5. All The best dear .God bless you.Well written

  6. Awesome lines about mom. Mom is always the best

  7. May God bless you.
    Excellent writing on your feelings towards your mother

  8. I so happy like this kids are future gems

  9. Beautiful expression of love. Well written Joanna!

  10. Thank you for the beautiful words dear 💕

  11. Awesome line from heart…All the very Joanna

  12. Beautiful lines😍 for the best Mother from a cute little Daughter :)..Stay blissful🙂

  13. Very Cute & Lovely Letter chitti thalli.
    God Bless you.

  14. Heart touching expression of divine feeling of ‘mother’. Great job Joanna

  15. Very good author

  16. Very good author

  17. Wonderful….Keep it up!

  18. Five stars for Joanna Gummadi

  19. Funny and quite a warm letter

  20. Beautiful

  21. Beautiful lines…

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