Free: An Absolute and Equal For All

To be free is an emotion desired by all,
Talked about widely yet it stands unfathomed & stalled.
Its essence still wrapped in dark ,
I wonder would it ever get revealed or continue to walk in a lighter spirit.
Though Free is the nature’s bounty we are surrounded by ,
The air, water , sunshine yet the humans have tied to it the price.
Always soaking in  its advantage, seldom do we care to reciprocate!
Does this what we mean by free??

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To be free is a feeling so light,
That one is always in flight,
But we the humans in the name of feeling;  in boundations take utmost delight.
Relations so built were to brew soothing aromas ,
But exude the flavours of suffocation & dilemmas.
One is compelled to ask oneself:
Is this the notion of being free one desires??


To be free is something left in one’s perception only.
For to serve to it’s superficial superiority,
We the humans have tethered the living & non-living in such dense arrangement,
Shackled with all the irrational customs& traditions.
Dying are the spirits within-us..
Remain what is  impassive & stoic beings.
To steer clear of such asphyxiation,
Understanding of “To Be Free” needs to set in.
Free is “absolute” & “equal” for all;
No demarcation of living & non-living blurs it’s essence.
It is time to cut loose  this planet of the Superficial Notion Of Free!

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