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Consciousnesses is “the state of understanding and realizing something”. What will happen to humans, if at some point in their lives, they are designed to see their own consciousness at work? Our Consciousness will reveal one of the most surprising (most probably you will remain in denial at least till you finish reading this article!) yet genuine feedback of the self— The ‘We’ , The ‘I’ The ‘Ego’ is in constant search for gossip in the form social curiosity.

Gossips co-exist with us and it often surfaces through the curious nature of people. Gossips live and remains amongst us as a relic of the past, characteristic of “Who we are”and the species we belong to! Gossips destroy a persons peace of mind, ending relationships causing irreparable damage to one’s existence! Sharing a juicy piece of information that we have read or heard might not do any harm whereas it becomes a negative behaviour and creates a rippling effect to those involved. Rattling behind someones back with a just fragment of an information that is true places them in the wrong spotlight!


Have you heard people say “I was just trying to learn about what actually happened, I was just curious”, well where does one draw the line?! I come back to the question I asked you at the beginning of this article, what will happen to humans, if at some point in their lives, they are designed to see their own consciousness at work? As an imaginary answer to this question, I say Out of Body experiences happen to us as and when it is required.

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OBE is a phenomenon in which a person perceives the world from a location out of their physical body. In this case, I would rather like our bodies and our psyche to jump out and experience what it’s up to! There are two things that are bound to happen. Majority of the masses, we will justify our deeds/disgusting acts. The consciousness will add perspectives saying that its a spiritual process, (seems like the conscious is corrupt too) its subjective in nature and not scientific while the rest of us will opt to live with the condition like we have adjusted to survive with other main co-morbidities of this worldly life -lies, jealousy, anger and hatred!

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