Poetry prompt: High

The world is experiencing the lows of the pandemic but we still want poetry to give us the high!

The winning poems on this prompt are here!

Top 3 winners:


Look at the stars twinkle high,
Far away from this world
Filling the universe as they lie –
Benevolent, as I tossed and twirled!
Radiating peace, a glimmer of hope;
My soul, restlessly swirled –
Cradled in the boughs,
That He spun a web gently unfurled!


That love has started dawning
That night has come to an end
The blackbirds started chirping
We just need to follow trend
The ugly duckling finally
Turned into a sterling swan
Soaring high above the mountains
The zenithal is born


High up in the sky
The moon shines
In reflected glory
Yet it remains
An object for romance
And a harbinger
Of dreams
When all seems lost.



Bright peaceful moon slows pendulum of mind,
Your dexterous fingers comb my ringlets,
Carefree, vulnerable and tucking myself into you
While trying to escape from the high paced world,
Ignite constellations hidden in my soul
Arrest them in your eye’s custody and cajole,
Don’t be afraid, take steering and turn the wheels
I am anticipating a long ride in my high heels.


Night sighed as the leaves rustled in the breeze,
The moon was high in the drifting clouds.
He watched her forehead fold into a crease,
Saw the question in her eyes, always silent never aloud.
They had met away from the prying eyes,
Witnessed only by the above milky grey-white skies.
They had been childhood sweethearts long separated,
Now they were finally united, as their love had never abated.


Rhythm of hope is fluctuating low and high
By a feeble thread oscillating by
Wind of harsh reality
Scissors of practicality
Cuts that strangled rope
Puts in disparity
Wondering what is left
more in store.


High on the wine of life,
Striving to douse the fire,
Burning deep within,
I’m intoxicated!
Drunk on the spirits of life,
Forever stoned in the existence of living!
Life, you give me a perpetual high!
Drunk in your spirited hues!


High it may seem,
But lonely I stand in the dim
Away from my loved one’s
A price paid for success as it comes
the world is at my feet 
Friends to foe to cheat
But not a hand to pat my shoulder
Or hold me tight when silently I smoulder.


Every time you hold me,
Its an ecstasy high
With every kiss,
I heave a million sighs
With every touch
A gazillion sparks fly
But when you make love, my darling,,
It’s like fireworks on 4th of July!

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Soaring up high
Raises the adrenaline,
Bringing in a gush of blood,
Making you feel ecstatic.
Ain’t it similar to success?
As success scales you high
Raising your confidence
Making you feel elated.



As the nesting night dawns
And my testing thoughts take turns
My mind flies high, high amongst the clouds
No deadlines to meet, no promises to keep…
It’s me and my mind free to do as we please
Thoughts and memories tumble out with ease
It’s a lovely place to be, high in the sky
A moments respite, watching the world go by!


Soaring high in the sky
Dipped in the blaze of hardwork.
Alight in the bubble sigh
In the walls of heart housed of hopes.
Summer magpie, musically calls
of hope, love, spring sky.
High above heavens, beautific galaxies
Life alike a bubble, to recollect the moments of now & forever’.


When I got wings I fly,
More higher in sky,
There was no one,
Alone me with zero fun,
Height snatch my stability,
My friends and family,
Ahh,! It’s a dream, I love to be on ground,
Where everyone I can found.



High expectations, trampled dreams
Trapped in the morbid mayhem
Happiness screams
Caressing lost hopes,
beneath the twinkling silhouette
My pent up desires tries to grope
Fastening loose emotions, with muted breath
I look up sky high, and swoon to death.


The storm of the day is long over
Windows of hope creak open
Clovers near the porch are green
The song of the winds – afloat
Look out at the barks in the woods
As brown as they could ever be
And the ones who know would agree –
It is all heaven if it could be


I do it and feel sane,
After this I am not the same,
It gives me a High that I really wanted,
While its miracles keep me thoroughly enchanted,
Just like a seed sowed in the soil,
I bloom like a bud and it takes all the turmoil,
And then like a flower in its full spring,
This meditation rings my heart over and again with its tring-tring.


She was instructed to study and only study
As it was the key to stand high in the society
The numbers on the papers rated her, average
The rank list never had her name inscribed
She moved on, chasing her dream
Like a little girl running behind a kite
Today, she does walk with her head held high
Grabbing the badge as the first woman fighter pilot


With an attitude vibe high,
That you can touch the sky,
Greeting the toxic people with bye,
Just maintain your balance and fly,
Have positivity to achieve your dreams,
It will help you to gleam,
Believe in your self esteem,
Which will make you supreme..

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