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As we all know lockdown time is going around. It is a very tough time not only for us but for our kids too. As they are full of energy, meant to be exploring the outside world but from last one year they are locked inside for their safety.

This is the only option to save them from deadly covid-19. They don’t know much about the invisible virus. So it’s even hard for them to understand that why they don’t go outside? Are parks, schools, markets, malls even relatives houses are closed? And how long it will take to open all those places normally?


So, to release their energy in right way at home, here I am suggesting few activities which kids like to do happily.

1.Water Play:

Children loves to play with water, let’s make it fun activity for them. Let them fill the tub with so many small glasses of water. You just give them water in glass and asked them to pour in the tub which is at a distant place. He will carefully take the glass with half filled water then walk and then pour in the tub.

Benefits: This will develop eye hand coordination, balanced walking, understanding math concept invisibly that large amount is made up of so many small amounts.

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2. Kneaded Dough:

Children always ask for dough whenever you make chapatti, let’s make it fun activity for them. Let them give small amount of kneaded dough to make small things which children usually made from clay, like, ball, rolling snake, chapatti, etc. as per their imagination.

Benefits: This will develop their eye hand coordination, strengthen their fine muscles of fingers, which will help them in future for good handwriting. Trigger their creativity by creating so many things with it.

3. Open the refrigerator:

Children loves to open the fridge so many times in a day, you can see they always hang on the fridge door. Let’s make fun activity for them. Whenever you are in need of fruits or vegetables, ask them to do. Like bring the tomatoes from fridge, bring two apples from fridge. You will see they are always ready to do so, leaving other things behind even smartphone. You can give them number clue sometimes like bring 1 cucumber or 2 lemons.

Benefits: They will recognize different fruits and vegetables not from pictures but from real objects by touching and holding them. Even they recognize different colors and understand the numbers also.


Like these three activities, there are so many activities can be done at home to engage them in fun learning without TV and smartphone.

Our home is itself a living experiment laboratory for them, this time let them explore inside.

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