Poetry prompt: Ray of light

It was essential to collect as many rays of light as we could during these dark times.

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I hear the cries of despair,
People wailing everywhere,
Death spreads its tentacles,
Like a dark shroud.
I seek solace in prayers,
Waiting for the ray of light,
That the divine will shine bright,
Driving the gloom elsewhere.


World swept in darkness,
Devil underneath an innocent face.
Evil is winning against the good in the race.
Why should one be good when they are all bad,
Why struggle to be a protagonist while the antagonists are winning,
Why be good, a weakling and keep struggling,
Such thoughts are fed by the evil to my moral mind,
But the ray of light emerging from my untainted mind, leaves it far behind.


She waited all night
For that ray of light
To come through the window of her life
Way up high, set in the midst of her strife
She sought it every morning and evening
Till it finally struck like a bolt of lightning
It was her own strength, her own resilience
She was her own light; she was the brilliance!

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Sometimes life can seem like a quagmire,
that enshrouds you in a cloud of darkness,
As you hopelessly squirm to reach out for answers many,
But fear not! Hold on tightly to the lantern of hope,
The lord above shall guide you with a ray of light,
You shall emerge victorious by crossing all the daunting miles,
Reach the pinnacle of glory with your unflinching grit,
And hold your head high with absolute pride.


He sat on the pavement with his book
The trees sent their breezy winds
The moon sparkled with the twinkling stars
Shedding as much of light as they could
His eyes were cautiously reading the lines
The rays of light from the street lamp
Fell upon him, assuring his confidence
That one day he would emerge successfully.



The current situation is uncalled.
People are appalled.
The virus is taking a toll.
Impacting human mind and soul.
Faith is a tad brittle.
Let’s not let it dwindle.
There’s a dawn after a dark night.
Hope is the only ray of light.


During the hours when darkness looms over head
Everything appears bleak and hazy.
Look for me , for I will arrive.
I will arrive ,to show you the path.
After , the worst hour of agony ends.
Like a ” Ray of Hope , ” look for me in the sunflowers,
stars and shimmering streams l will guide you with a spark of new energy.
Every twilight I will be there to hold your hand with a better synergy.


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A ray of light,
Pricks blanket of dark night,
Emerges as hope to many in disdain,
About lost home, lovers and lane,
An unknown relief,
Travels from eyes to brain,
Lips sets a curve,
Motivates foot to take another step during hurricane.


Like a ray of light
Bursting through clouds of despair
You gave us hope
And beamed us
To a world of make believe
You bought our souls with grandiose dreams
And laughed at our naivete
When we asked for Accountability.


Ray of Hope

Darkness lurks everywhere,
Mantle of disease Earth wears,
Cries of pain rising like flames,
Engulf man’s mind with bodies enflamed!
Yet, as one looks at another,
A hand reaches out:
Eyes filled with tenderness,
A ray of light pierces, to caress-
Soothing balm of Hope it spreads!

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My phone buzzed,
With blurry eyed I fussed,
Who messages so late? I cussed 
it must be your date my roommate hushed
The ray of light popped a name,
How are you? the message came,
My frown turned into a smile,
His name on the screen was just enough in these trying times for a while.


Her moods
Like visible spectra
Of white beaming
Ray of light
Distinct colors with
Merged boundaries
Recognized by
Characteristic frequencies



The ventilator that made her breathe
when body raised its oxygen greed
then and there he made a pledge
launching huge plantation drive at a stretch
leaving enough for generations next
a ray of light removing the globe hexed
pious air will sanctify the poisonous atmosphere
this time hope’s gonna stay


When the dark shadows glow
And your mind doesn’t tire of its games
When the furiously choppy ocean tries
To engulf you in its seductively restive waves
Open yourself up and let that shimmering ray of light
To barge in, soon you’ll see resilience spark
The swelling glow of divine light
Shall cause the ominous dark shadows to recede.


He was standing on the bridge looking deep inside the water,
finding answers to his unsolved questions,
puzzled with the mystery of life,
tired inside and blank outside,
clueless about the ongoing emotions,
with dark night with no moon light,
a ray of light flickered through the sky,
to make him feel the omniscient will just make things right.



Those undaunted pillars have borne testimony to the life inside my house
That screeching by you all, when young and that running along the corridors
Those pillars have seen you grow up and those pillars have witnessed my quagmire days
Yet, now as I prepare to fade into the twilight
The house seems lonely and quaint
Those dark shadows are ready with their shroud
The pillars are empty and there’s no one to beckon
This is LIFE, I presume as I look to my ray of light to reckon


The world is broken and fucked up
Like an empty night sky, so dark
You might think the sun never existed
Neither the moon nor the stars could help
But the world has nothing to do with it
We ruined it with our selfishness and greed
But we could still save it before it disappeared into oblivion
Never lose hope for there will always be a ray of lights.


In a year shrouded by darkness
You entered our lives like a ray of light
Always filling us with renewed hope
In a way that only new life can

You bloomed, you thrived
Making us realize that
Whatever, however, wherever
Life will eventually blossom



Grief ridden days and worried nights,
That hospital smell and the doctors in whites;
Had been her world for over a month.
The end was nearing was her disheartening hunch.
One wintry morning, dejected and hopeless with the turn of events,
She saw a ray of light shining through a fog dense.
Surely this was an omen; ‘when one door closes, another window opens?
That sliver of weak sunlight shone as a ray of hope in her life of desolation.


Mercury dipping down zero.
There I sit with my fishing rod at the shore.
Oh this is it! Can’t see in the dark.
Snout revealed, bloody hell! It’s a shark!
Couldn’t handle the shark’s might,
In a second the land went out of sight.
Water was freezing, couldn’t feel my touch.
Now, a ray of light is all I hope for.


A ray of light is as fulfilled & accomplished to evoke one’s spirits so high,
It nurtures not just the hopes but the courage to fight for one’s rights.
It breeds enthusiasm & life,
For it draws its inspiration of rising again after battling the dark’s might.
Disseminating the message, that to flourish by helping others is the virtue that makes one shine bright!
Owing to its quality of always being helpful & wise,
It is welcomed everywhere with utmost delight.
Let’s celebrate this mother nature’s pride a beautiful ray of light!


An acrostic for Ray OF Hope

🅡eaching out to people
🅐sserting the undying spirit that
🅨ields the fruits
🅞🅕 success and spread

🅗appiness all around,
🅞verpowering the failures and
🅟romising a better tomorrow to
🅔merge as a silver lining.

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