A crazy dream

Here are the craziest dreams on this prompt:


I trudged into the kitchen made coffee and looked out
There he was, in my garden, the dragon with a pout
He beckoned, I followed ; he led me to a magical flower
It was a cure to the scourge, a true miracle shower!
Happily I ran to the hospital and treated a hundred
Freed of the tube and needles, no longer encumbered
Just then ‘trinng’ went my alarm; Time to enter my real world
Where minds and hearts were the real superpower unfurled!


The day the sky was unusually dark
A sleepless night yet it felt a dream
Eyes wide awake and he stood in front of me
A giant dragon wanted to convey a message
Deeds committed by humans are already done
If mortals ponder about flaura fauna generously
He will let calm cheers overshadow deepest fears
Shaken and stirred I hinged a way to sort the issues of cosmos.


Feet started to itch,
Bubbling became the skin,
Spots appeared like bubbles,
Grown into slimy tentacles,
That became sharp like blooded-needle,
Dried out into dead scabs,
With perspiring even in the extreme winter,
she woke up with a gasp!


Swiftly across the window-pane
I saw something move from the corner of my eye
A monstrous body, head to tail
Of a colour describable only as boring and shy
I let out a scream and shut the window hard
But it fell on my bed giving me a start
I ran out of my room as my parents were away
Locking it up in my bedroom while beats skipped in my heart


I watched it gambol to my whistle,
Like a puppy it pranced, as if from Hissel
The giant, Reptilia with big limpid eyes beckoned,
A perfect pet to scare my foes I reckoned!
For the monsters lurking within,
Miniscule in appearance –
Drained my love, energy, sustenance!
May the gentle dragon strengthen my every dream!


I had a crazy dream
I was elected Prime Minister
And soon elevated
To the status of God
Who could do no wrong
And I started believing it.
A dream that I lived
Believing my lies.


A year before last,if someone had said that a minisucle virus would make us halt in our tracks and lose our steam,
We would have laughed at his crazy dream.
Originated from bats? or will be developed in a man made lab?
Pity and concern would have met the poor chap.
Like a komodo dragon flicking its tongue to find its prey,
This deadly virus will pounce on the unmasked and those who from social distancing stray?
This picture would have garnered a lot of mirth,
Of flights of imagination, we would have concluded, there is no dearth!



In my dream I was a kite
Flying high out of people’s sight
Without any fair, roaming around the sky
Up and down, playing eyes spy.
I wish I enjoy little more,
But suddenly my thread tore
I go up and up, high and high
In the last, again I touched the soil.


How did I not know that I had drifted to the world of dreams.
Where I could hear high pitched laughter and blood curdling screams.
Something was fishy, not everything was well.
This place appeared somewhat like hell.
Evil entities were punished for their deeds,
They cried as the lord of justice made them bleed.
Though, it was scary, the scenario appeared better than that of the earth.
At least here the justice was rightly served.


Time has arrived, to address the need
I stood before two pots, one fire, one water
Greed, Arrogance, Cruelty went burning
Love, Care, Hope, Peace went steaming
Lastly added the magical potion, Faith
All set to heal the dark sickness around
Startled, I woke reminiscing my crazy dream
Yet I wished, I prayed to happen in real

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