Solitude and the various colors it shows. Here are the winning entries on the prompt!

Top three winners:


Breaking and shouting,
In a place I fear the most,
The place and moment that brings up a ghost,
In form of thoughts that sting,
Sometimes it brings up things, while I think.
Other times it just makes me cringe,
Where is this place you ask?
It’s a place away from the multitude,
A moment alone in solitude.


Befriending solitude
She realized its magnitude
Yes, it left her an emotional destitute
But brought peace aplenty
Transforming herself into a resolute
She leaned on creativity
The soul found joy
Of an unfathomable intensity


Not many know of it, but its extreme power!
The state of being alone, will take you far
Use this season my friends at home,
To develop yourself in ways unknown.
The situation and time may seem rough,
However, its the best time for you to get tough!
No matter what adversities may come and go,
Learn to be calm like water and then swiftly flow.



The anxiety of wanting to please everyone
may sometimes laze around and procrastinate,
over your own happiness.
Sometimes you should just let the pieces fall apart.
Every so often you’ll experience this void,
Which words will not be able to fill.
Well… Keep it.
Something will find its way into it.


Like a lone tree I stand marooned in solitude,
Stripped and barren, I pine,
In melancholy day after day,
overlooking the ocean filled with sorrows.
I make an impassioned plea
For a beacon of ray from the remote horizon
And plead the flowing waves to quench my thirsty soul,
The pain and suffering- I can’t withstand anymore.


My family is no more, I stand in solitude
Forest fire is a natural disaster, they say
Unable to reveal the truth, I stay hapless
I know it was you, a careless act of mankind
Who burnt us down, like we were inanimate
With my parched branches, withered leaves
I breathe life carrying the promise around
In my re-birth, I would serve you human, again



Solitude is the best teacher I’ve found by far,
Filled with a million things many times over
The loud silence a balm for the wounded soul
Far from madding noise it now becomes whole!
Solitude is being alone without being lonely
My thoughts to keep me constant company
Solitude is where no one hears my heart scream
It’s also the place I find myself a dream to dream


Parched and cracked I stand tall and proud
Accepting the blessings bestowed by Lord
Bathing in the golden sunlight and starlit twilight
I see myriad emotions mingling around
The land is barren and filled with muted colours
But there is peace and calm in this solitude of mine
Away from the cacophony of wearied avarice
Rooted deep within the my nurturing soil we enjoy silent whispers.


I seek solitude,
To emerge stronger.
For self introspection,
To run in the fields of imagination.
To discover the cosmos within myself.
Not to lose anyone but for realizations.
I seek solitude to resist restlessness,
To find my calmer self.


How I will reach to the depth of solitude ?
When my heart seeks silence, mind refuse.
I fear my own shadow, scared being alone.
A state of stillness without steadiness I adorn.
I stand emotionless holding shattered soul.
Then I pray for peace to withstand inner storm.
Ponder my goal to preserve inner alignment.
And seek refuge in solitude to live happily and vibrant.



To take decisions
After careful consideration
In solitude I trust
To be in a state of Bliss
After discarding biases
In solitude I trust
The only fear is crossing
The fine line to loneliness


It’s just an attitude –
To enjoy one’s Solitude!
To ponder and reflect,
On all that is perfect,
And some that’s circumspect!
If it weren’t for Solitude:
Wonder if we would have art and literature?
And such joys that we treasure?


As the world came to a standstill,
Empty roads seen from my windowsill,
For stay home stay safe I preached,
Lockdown took my friends out of reach, Confined to my four walls for days,
Which revoked a skill set of my hays,
Suppressed under heaps of responsibility it was,
Solitude helped achieve a purpose for a cause.


When the alarm rang, we rushed to put
The tiffins together, Hubby ran and time raced, Without a moment of peace,
We sought to slow down the pace
For a bit, and yet today as solitude hits,
We crave the hustle bustle, the human touch,
We miss the memories of another time when
A moment we all huddled together for real. 


How I long for that calm solitude,
Today I’m gifted with solitude,
But peace is alien,
Calm and joy is foreign!
I only hear screams of death,
Cries of pain and despair!
Give me my peaceful solitude,
Once again! I long for an Encore!



Enforced silence is not my cup of tea,
This Covid menace has got all of us down on our knees.
Nowadays its nothing but solitude,
Our eyes are permanently to the TV glued
Seeking that one bit of news,
Which will blow away our lockdown blues.
Once craving for stillness, now all I want is to see is some human activity,
The only entreaty to God is to let us revisit the beautiful world before 2020!


The daylight dwindled to a barely perceptible lightening of gloom.
The greens and purples melt into the grey
Under the shimmering moonlight, my solitude smothers me
Gasping for breath, I still clutch on to the bunch of violets
The shining beacon of our fervid love.
Pouring amnesia down the throat
I try to gulp down those days of yore
As the bunch of violets, now adorn your grave.


Her solitude of silence,
Was very soon gone,
With visible stains of happiness,
She gleed in joy and delight,
And, no more lived in darkness,
For he enriched her life,
Forever with devotion; her solitude,
Was now gratitude towards their love!


Hours of solitude, are much needed.
They help us to stay more focused.
Its solitude which helps us spend time with our inner child.
During your tranquil hours float your paper boats in a puddle on a rainy day.
Day dream more, during the hours of solitude
It is fun to be with yourself for a few moment
Sing a song, give your thoughts new wings.
Enjoy the demure dreams of your solitude hours.


Sitting by the river of tranquility,
I see the golden-orb blooms and wins over the darkness of the sky,
Lending a vermilion glow to rich blue in cosmic joy.
Ah, I take a deep breath of sigh,
Today, I want to be in solitude with my thoughts, untold and unexplored,
Ready to fly, like a Phoebus in his chariot of gold,
Soaring high with gentle breeze free from encompassing fear,
And finally nestling within the warm clouds of my heart!



It is in my solitude did I meet the best
The one who could pass many a test
Totally unknown, I grew up along with
Till now, his potential was just a myth
This meet did bring out the best in me
As I learnt a lot without paying any fee
Someone I had lost in early childhood
Was in solitude within, my Robin Hood


In the sea of people
She found an island of solitude
Where she unmasked herself without doubt
letting zillion thoughts to loiter around
to be penned down in her canvas of poetry
As if The tranquilizer calm her right
Can’t it be definition of one’s happiness?
all over she fall in love with herself

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