Who is my Family???

Our families mainly consist of our mother, father, siblings, grandparents and annoying extended families. Then there are some whose families are just their mother or father or their grandparents or in some cases extended family and in some unfortunate scenario none. Now we were a family of four mumma, papa, bhaiya and me. Like any other family would do, they loved me,cared for me , provided for me, nurtured me. For me there was no other world beyond this.Just the four of us.

Like the dialogue from the movie sharabi where Amitabh tells om prakash what are the  three integral parts of his life “hamari zindagi ka tambu teen bambo pe khada hai shayari,sharab aur aap”. I also felt the same for my family mumma,papa and bhaiya being the pillar of my strength.

My second family was introduced to me at school/college in the form of life time friends.. Next family I got acquainted with was at my workplace(not my HR or management or administration mind you but my fellow teachers) . I know most people will not agree with this part. As we all know, the workplace is not where you make friends. As a working woman I totally disagree you make some really good and close ones. Because I know I have.

We know that some relations are born with us, some relations we have to forcefully accept, some are just for benefits, while some we choose. Out of all these relations combined together form our families. Not all will stick with you till the end but some will. In the process of life we will  lose many. But that doesn’t stop them from being our family. My mom used to say “rishte manege toh hai warna kuch nahi”


When my “tambo ke bamboo” fell ,bringing my life down on its face and breaking me down to bits. It was not my extended family but friends(from school/college/workplace) who came to my rescue. These are some of the people who have stood by me till date. Likewise the WriteFluence community where I found like minded people supportive of each other and encouraging one another. Especially the women. It really warms up my heart to see old and new members appreciating one another and are more accepting to new minds. So here is my fourth family. My writing community family. So on this international family day a big warm virtual hug to all off you stay home stay safe and happy international family day.

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