Rain, rain, go away!

Mumbai was dealing not just with Covid but also with the destruction due to cyclone Tauktae on May 17, 2021. The severe cyclone then headed toward making a landfall in Gujarat. Collective prayers help, they say. We decided to collectively write on this prompt for the same.

Here are the winning poems on the prompt!

Top three:


Rain, rain, go away!
What made you visit this way?
You’re creating havoc in a place.
Is this a way to bring solace?
I understand that plants need you,
But that doesn’t mean you’ll be so shrewd.
You can drizzle your showers peacefully,
We’re already dealing with so much painfully.


Rain, rain, go away!
Let the rattling trees stand, not sway!
Off to the parched soils shall you go,
Sprinkling sweet essence of life and smiles to follow!
Times are tough; people sneeze and cough,
Pernicious pandemic saunters around, rough!
You’re the harbinger of joy,
but turn not a menace, to be eyed with coy!


Rain rain go away, enough on our plate to sway us away
Miserable conditions devastating situations
The mankind is suffering in these pandemic conditions
Please have mercy as we are already a victim
And do adverse the emotions
Of the negativity which is filled till the brim of heart due to grim the world is facing today
Rain rain go away do visit us when the happiness is on the way.



Rain rain go away
Take away all my pain
Just leave me with what’s mine
No unwanted relationships my mind
Rain rain go away
When you come back again
We could bundle up all our joys
And sit down with a champagne


Rain,rain go away!
The pandemic has made breathing scary
And you are now making life so eerie
Forth and back the humongous trees sway
Leave at rock-bottom a home to stay
For dear lives locked fingers pray!
Come again another day
When the gallant fight is over, and we will play!


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.
First covid crisis, now cyclone damage has our lives in complete disarray!
The city is already reeling under a man made pandemic,
Now Tauktae has broken our back with an entry most energetic!
Yes, we humans have erred and ravaged our Mother Earth without a thought,
But then ‘be kind and forgiving’ hasn’t Nature always us taught?
Today’s wrath was justified, I do agree;
But please have mercy on us now, that is a heartfelt plea!


Rain, rain, go away!
I’ve learnt to cry inside.
Rain, please rain some other day,
The lovers need sunlight.
Rain, my dear, have no fear,
I’ve painted my happy face,
Rain, rain, see you again,
When I run out of happiness.



Rain, rain go away, come again another day,
Its been long we have been assaulted:
With disease and scarcity of all we exulteld,
Freedom to work, to go outdoors,
And courage to smile, hugging family and neighbours.
Not in our wildest dreams, did we seek your fury
To add to the torment and incessant woes we bury,
You are Divine blessing, but for a while do tarry!


Rain, rain, go away
Stop drowning me away
Into a despair, I can no longer hold
These emotions, are now ruining my soul
Destroying my inner peace
I can not think straight anymore
These clouded days, hover over my mind
Blinding my thoughts, afraid I am
Of losing the way out
I need some light in my room


Rain rain go away
Shower your blessings some other day
But not escorted with disparaging squalls
For humanity is weak and suffering
The virus has broken us into smothering
You are a breathing respite for myriad
Bringing joys to the flora and fauna
A generous gift by the merciful nature.


Rain rain go away
It’s not the time to play.,
Life cannot be the price for this mayhem  to pay
The virus is already caused dismay
Wars are too just fire in the hay,
Death is now a thing everyday,
With Mediocre politics on display,
Enough is enough is all i got to say


Rain rain go away, back to where you belong
You have had your way and more, all week long
Wreaking havoc, rendering people homeless
Might of the sea and winds leave them helpless
Humankind is no match for nature’s fury
Tears roll down faces as the dead, we bury
Rain gods, hear our prayers, let us heal in peace
Let us put ourselves back together piece by piece


Rain rain go away,
Don’t take my dear ones away,
You always give us life,
This time why it’s difficult to survive,
Washed all what we have secure,
Our ancestral properties, farms and food,
Your angry form is difficult to face
This time please let us safe.



Oh Rain, you make me remember that unfortunate day,
When my grandmaa was unwell,
And you poured like hell; heavy and black,
You added more to our inconvenience and trouble,
Driving slow while on the way to hospital engulfed a sense of misery,
Reaching there was the end of the story,
No more tea with her in the garden,
Rain, Rain go away I say with a heavy burden.


Rain rain go away;
No one is crying, you are away,
We have seen enough of you today.
Till the pandemic goes away;
Don’t show your display;
Don’t delay;
You may come in later and stay;
I want to meet my loved ones today.


Rain rain go away..
Spare us for getting dismay.
We always cherish pearls from sky,
But, the gloomy days already made us cry.
Loved ones are losing the hands,
Let’s pray for happiness and suffering ends.
Umbrella and raincoats can wait for outings,
Flowers will bloom and ecstasy will embrace surroundings.


Rain, rain, go away!
Do not hold our loved ones prey
The bustling winds that you bring
Shatters our homes, makes us spring
Rain, rain, go away!
Change your path, we pray
It’s time for the sun to shine, bright and gay
Let the flowers bloom in this mighty month of May


Rain, rain ,go away!
Your misty moves baffle trees in May
Sparrows take refuge on the pane
Wary of the Nature’s disdain ?
The Homo Sapien, already in a cage
Introspecting ,aching to turn the page
Consciously gauging your rage
He prays and helps, with courage



Rain, rain go away for excess of everything can put us into grey
Flooding, loss of crops and, even you’re threatening our life, tell me why
We’re already gulping down by the deadly virus
Upon that, you’re becoming disastrous.
Without your showers of console,
Our words fail, and vision goes blurred the whole
No more we’re addicted to your showers in any way,
How we wish you to get away, so that we relish some warm bright days.


Rain, rain, go away!
Spare the wrath of this bustling storm, I pray
Wish you had ears, which made you hear,
The cries of our deepest fears
Spilling your temper in the city of dreams,
We pray for mercy at Kutch- oh queen
Maybe you are unaware,
But we are already very scared.


Rain, rain go away,
You don’t bring the lovey-dovey memories,
But a deluge of tears fray,
I dwell in the reveries,
When we used to play,
Sing dance on the songs of 90’s,
Now I just helpless and pray,
Can someone bring back my treasuries!

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