Saturday Nights post 2020

Saturday nights have become a distant reality post covid. Well, we cannot go outside but we can always rant it away!

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The nights jam packed with musical delights
No longer happen our favorite joints
Have shut down due to deadly pandemic
Saturdays are now meant to for
Being home and dancing with my cuties
Friends come over and play board games
Dinners ordered from delivery apps
Every flash has its distinct charm.


Outdoor party nights,
Became indoor party nights.
With music and dinner,
At home, with fun filled banter.
The nights with friends
Converted into family nights,
But the fun still continued,
Probably better than before.


Saturday nights, a distant reality,
We reminisce, A once upon a time!
Now Saturday nights are,
Spent in front of the fireplace,
Reliving and looking at old albums,
With family and a cup of hot chocolate!
Gone are the days!
Now party has taken a different synonym!



The Saturday night parties
Full of fun and mingling with friends
Are now just celebrated flashbacks
That arise from maze of my mind
Endless conversations with our gang
Warm clubbable company over delicious spreads
Longing to go beyond
Saturday is now only a reverie after the Covid times.


Saturday nights, always a time to unwind
Then and now a time to leave stress behind
Then, ‘twas with food, friends and frolic
Now it is with family, books and music
Then, weekend trips and mall hopping
Now cozily done in bed is online shopping
Saturday nights were full of fun, mischief and joy
They will return; for now, let us find ways to enjoy!


‘Saturday Nights’ are now a thing of the past,
Before the cursed 2020, the party scene had been such a blast!
The only thing that kept me plodding through the dreary week days,
Were the thoughts of guzzling tequila shots with friends on Saturdays.
Carefree days those, Sigh!! where covering your face with masks was unheard of !
And heaving close to each other on the dance floor was the usual norm.
To be seen sterilizing everything in sight would have invited a questioning look,
And the mere talk of social distancing would have got you labelled unhooked!



The stars and the moon gather around,
On a Saturday night, as planned;
Under a concrete ceiling, with a view of nature,
In my balcony, on a bean bag, I relaxingly land;
A photo album in hand, a novel on the side,
A sip of chocolate and some solitude make me alight;
Some writing on the go while gazing at the twinkles,
What could be a better way to spend a Saturday night?!


Flashes of fun, frolic and, Saturday outings flow through my heart
Flickering memories of freedom and non-Pandemic past
But, acceptance to the new normal is the need of the hour,
Now, Saturdays move around cleaning, chopping and, kneading flour.
No more packing in large crowds,
Now, movies, concerts, creativity, everything happens in the home, say it aloud!
Creating a routine has given some sense of normalcy,
Online programs and getting creative is showing some positivity!


Saturdays are more relaxed,
No hassle for virtual meet,
No need to fixed the alarm,
quality time for family treat,
Lazy Morning sips at balcony,
Board games in the noon
Watching movie with pops,
Saturday nights are boon.


No more music, dance, fun-filled party times
A state of anxiety is ruled by the invisible enemy
Yet we stand united, discovering our sole purpose
Like any other panicked night stays, the Saturdays
Tracking around for those who need medical attention
Travelling to distribute food packets for the needy
Tackling situations when unknown emergency arises
Stretching miles, we are the youth, future of our nation.


Saturday nights post 2020 have a new meaning.
Confined to home, sleeping and binging.
Spending time with family, creating memories.
Savoring home-cooked meals, enjoying life sans luxuries.
Chatting, guffawing and having fun heaps.
Virtual meets with the peeps.
Weaving stories, pursuing hobbies.
Learning gratitude, shunning envies.

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