Sneha Acharekar – Co-author, Wafting Earthy

Sneha Acharekar is a passionate logophile, an avid reader, a complete movie buff and a singer in places that reverberate. In that order. She is a writer by passion and profession; and has been writing fiction since her school days – stories and poems for her school magazine.

An active blogger and poetess on various online sites, her articles have made it to the featured lists on various online spaces as Momspresso, Women’s Web and YourQuote.


She is a Chetan Bhagat fan for the love of the simplicity in his writings – Five Point Someone and Two States being her favorite works of the author. The Harry Potter series follows as her next favorite book and she loves reading Dean Koontz and Shobha De. A voracious reader since school days, with the constant thought about having just a few years in hand to complete school and too many books to go from the library… she would gulp down every Enid Blyton book in The Famous Five series during zero periods in school. She wrote her first story of about ten thousand plus odd words during her ninth grade which she still treasures as her motivation to write.

As of today, Acharekar has three published books to her name. Based on the genre of dark romance, her first fiction novel Faith, Fate and a Fairytale (2017) is the closest to her heart. Her first book in the non-fiction genre – Let Go, Yet Glow – was published in January 2014 under a pseudonym KaTHaa. Purple Winters (2020) is the third of her books which is a collection of 150 free verses. Her work has also published in ‘Spent’, ‘Out of my BOXand Dear Ma compilation by WriteFluence published in 2021.

Acharekar came up with Stories by Sneha in 2020 – a podcast that plays on all podcasting channels viz. AnchorFM, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Hubhopper, KukuFM, RadioPublic, Castbox, Breaker, PocketCasts, Overcast, to name a few. The podcast features short-stories written and narrated by Acharekar; with the entire audio experience and ambience conceptualized and created by her individually; and has successfully crossed over 40k listens overall – that being a good number considering the span and the popularity of the medium of podcasts with Indian listeners.


Acharekar calls herself resilient because she has learnt it the hard way through many life challenges. Yet, her faith remains strong in the doctrine of Agathism – all things tend towards ultimate good. Acharekar considers herself lucky to have supportive parents, a loveable spouse and an adorable daughter; and further blessed to have been born and brought up in Mumbai.

When she is not writing, Acharekar loves to create digital illustrations, listen to music, explore digital apps or sing karaoke. She’s currently working on content for Season 2 of Stories by Sneha that is already airing on all podcast channels. If you’re a writer and want your story to reach a relatively large listener’s base, reach out to her on her Instagram handle @the.agathist


Here’s an excerpt from Sneha’s story Aroma Therapy that’s now published in Wafting Earthy:

Raima had just reached home. Physically. Her mind was still hovering at work around the organized desk that Ralph sat at. The few hours that she had spent at work that afternoon, kept playing in her thoughts. She had known him as an acquaintance and colleague for many years. However, it had been just about a month since they had become good friends after having started working on the same project. Ralph came across as one of the very few talented people that her workplace had recruited. He was calm, intelligent and dependable. She felt comfortable when he was around and work sailed smoothly when he worked with her. She had been playfully teasing him since a few days about him ageing and yet being single. She wanted to know more about him.

He had begun to teach her to drive the car, of late. It was her plan. This way she would get a chance to take in his therapeutic scent for another hour after work as he took the risk of letting her learn to drive, using his own car. She kept delaying the process of letting him know that he had been a great teacher by feigning that she was still a bad driver; hoping some day he would make some move!

Was he really single? He was never linked to anyone at work all these years. Raima always saw him with his group of guy friends when at work. She felt a severe coldness of disquiet creeping inside her. She had developed intense feelings for him over the last few weeks of having worked closely with him.

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