Lavanya Girish – Co-author, Wafting Earthy

Lavanya Girish is an Educational Facilitator by profession. Having dabbled in the Banking and Financial Services Industry, she found her true calling in the writing arena. She has a flair for creative writing and participating in debates and elocutions from her childhood days. She wrote her first prose while she was in college. Thereafter, her forte has been writing poetry and short fictional stories.

Lavanya has always endeavored to hone her writing skills over time and these efforts have reaped immense benefits. She is also a blogger in numerous platforms and has got wide recognition in the blogosphere. She is associated with esteemed online platforms wherein she has contributed poems, blogs and several write ups in different genres. She would like to summarize herself in a line – JACK of all Trades, Master of None. With hobbies spanning from painting, reading, listening to music and travelling she has truly found joy in all her pursuits. Although not religious, she is extremely spiritual and believes in the strength of the Almighty to guide her through thick and thin. Her works often reflect her ideologies and aspirations.


Lavanya attempts to unravel the mysteries of a Woman’s mind through this story. This is one tale which most of us can resonate with. The need for feeling desirable and wanted is there in every woman and the vulnerability that comes with lack of recognition often drives a woman in a tangential direction. The story attempts to highlight the desire of the woman to feel appreciated and wanted. The story also attempts to highlight the sacrifice that a woman undergoes to make sure her family has her undivided time and attention. Through her simplistic manner of writing, she brings to detail small nuances of everyday life.

We asked Lavanya a few questions to get to know her better. Here’s what she had to say:

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I have been writing since 

My school days. 


MY favorite author and books:

Charles Dickens, Emily and Charlotte Bronte

Fav Books – A tale of two cities, Great expectations, Jane Eyre, Little Women and pride and prejudice 

My journey as a writer:

My journey as a writer ah not been easy. I have had a difficult transition from a banker to a writer. However, the journey has been amazing and the skyline tall and bright.

Why should we read you?

My writings are honest and passionate. They reflect my ideologies and my learnings. 

MY favorite genre to read / write:

Romance and Horror 

What advice will you give young and aspiring writers?

Chase your Dreams to make them a reality! Never give up on them.


Here’s an excerpt from Lavanya’s winning story The fragrance of Amma’s sarees that’s now published in Wafting Earthy:

“Creak, Creak” came the sound!

“What is that noise? Someone’s coming to this room”, whispered the inmates of the room.

To be more precise they were the sole occupants of the old cupboard in the abandoned room for time immemorial. A whole lot of sarees in different colors, different hues and varied textures. All of them nurtured their own specific stories. Some of them were procured for their scent and their fragrance. Yes, although it was an indeed a strange way to purchase a Saree, yet the fresh odor of each saree appealed to the beautiful buyer who ultimately conquered them and made them her own.

“Hush, sisters”, said the Queen Bee of them all, the Red Kanchivaram pattu saree. Dominant she was, Oh yes! After all she was MY AMMA’s bridal saree that formed part of her wedding trousseau.

“But Akka, why will anyone come here? Don’t they abhor us? We are castaways”, lamented the Bangladeshi Dhaakai, which Amma had lovingly bought on one of her trips to Chittagong.

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