Away with a book

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Away with a book
By the meandering brook
I wish to get hooked.
A ritual so serene and blissful-
To soak in the essence of life soulful,
To transcend to a space magical,
Delve deep into the well of the conscience,
And breathe in the fragrance of ataraxy.


Mind In A Paperback

Here’s the blithe day in my hand
And something needs to be cracked;
So why not get sink into the depth of letters,
Embracing the mind in a paperback.
Digging through the plethora of printed pages,
Fluttering through the eloquent phrases;
Let me cherish the wisdom I have,
Let my mind immerse in a paperback.


A book is my key to the realm of fantasy
I escape in its pages to the world of pageantry.
Heroic deeds of its characters enthrall me much,
In my humdrum life, they are a fascinating crutch.
I love the larger-than-life characters of these books,
Wicked witches and fierce monsters badgering my heroes from all crannies and nooks.
The excitement of their clashes and non stop adventures ,
Fill my dreary world with un adulterated pleasure.



Away with a book,
Hey! You can’t deceive me, I said to the rook,
By hook or by crook,
My flight of imagination I have took,
Sipping Cappuccino and with a serious look,
Dwelling in the words flowing like a brook,
Now with the narrative I am overtook,
If you think I am an idiot, you mistook!


My solace in solitude,
I oft see them with gratitude.
My windows to the outer space,
They take me from place to place.
My partner in my moods,
They are soulful than food.
Books, my friends forever,
I love them like never ever.


Tired of the concrete jungle,
Enclosed in a cubicle cut off and single,
Hundreds of friends to cheer ,
But nobody up close and near,
Globalization has indeed made the world small,
But disconnected we are all,
In his hollow world of fake relations,
Away with a book and a cup of tea is my ultimate goal for vacation.


Sweeter than honey is the company of books
Land, air, ocean adventures I take, sitting at the empty nook
Curled in a corner where I can hide
The best refuge from the woes and troubles of life so wide
They transport me to a different place each time
They’re the uniquely portable magic of stories and rhymes
The best non-judgmental companion,
That gives peace, solace and, knowledge of the lifetime.



A hectic week and stressed life,
All I need is a weekend, with the love of my life in my hands,
Showing me all kind of different of lands,
The perfect weekend, away with a book,
Just observing how the words make love to the story,
And how the characters come to life in all glory,
In this ocean of imagination, I don’t just swim, I dive,
Where I don’t just breathe but actually feel alive.


Away with a book
I travel far and wide
Books give me a firmness of purpose
To tread along difficulties in life
A solace companion to immerse myself in
Away from biased judgments and criticism
They add unique perspectives to my thoughts
Filling up the empty spaces in my mind with positivity.


As a child, books were that magic way
To worlds unknown, where I flew each day
I found hope in them when I was hopeless
I found friends in them when I was friendless
With a book in my hand loneliness I seldom face
Within a books pages I find knowledge and solace
So many worlds a book holds between the covers
Full of magic hues, books are life’s blessing showers!


Away with a book
Many a times I retreat to my favorite nook,
Disappearing in the fantasy world with an engrossing book.
This is the most cherished part of my day,
When I can all my unending chores beside me lay.
Reading about the knights in shining armor and their heroic deeds,
My mind too for some gallant feat pleads.
A book enables me to imagine and flee from my prosaic life,
And for sometime at least shake off the drudgery of an ordinary housewife!


Read, Experience, Live
Into the realm of words,
Alluring the mind to set a stage of grandeur and finesse.
Witness the universe open itself to a plethora of scenes,
Gifting the reader with a visual magnificence,
Caressing with gentle and vibrant emotions,
Triggering even the most defiant of senses!



My heart leaps away with a book whose content is not delusional
I am too fascinated with the mysteries of the Mahabharata
The characters with a story behind each one of them is engrossing
The incidents which took place ,each had a reason behind them
It teaches us about remarkable features and horrendous attributes simultaneously
One can spend tremendous amount of time discovering each hidden message
And yes there my mind goes away with a book as every time you read,
you rediscover a new meaning


Away with a book, my favorite read,
The fanatics of true love, I tranquil my thirst,
A cup of coffee, to relinquish my desire,
On top of my plant estate,
A lovely breeze hits my hair,
My senses are tingled,
Explicit vibes from the aura,
As I read, I aspire, the tales inspire my vigor!


My books taught me to live fearlessly,
Nevertheless they envelope me with a sea of wisdom,
I dive away with a book in the kingdom of my dreams,
Where I found myself beautiful and free,
Such is the power of knowledge that has made me rich,
the torn pieces of my heart it has stitched,
It has made me a great being full of compassion,
And many people call their specific books their Guru who help them walk the path of their religion.


Locked inside, we are advised to stay for sometime
As I sink into the state of forlornness, my only need
Is a book to keep me alive, kicking me to get going
I cry, I laugh, I sob, I panic, and still, I keep reading
Coz a book is not mere pages with letters printed
It is an ocean that can take me outside the world
Leading to mysteries unknown, only to be solved
Committed to reach destiny, on a journey called life.


Entangling in betwixt pages of life
Finding the solace in the verses of life
Comforting the mind in this chaotic life
Enhancing the soul with the nourish of words
Positivity & negativity are the sowing seeds of life
Enthralling the mind in the exquisite world of library
Where books are soul of life & verses are amour for life
Memories are bonded ties in the stories of life


Book! My dearest mate
It’s my cup of tea with biscuit’s plate
If I feel spare of time
With book, love to go to date
When I m sad, it makes me happy
If I m happy, it never underestimate
A book teaches many aspects of life
It can open the doors of fate.

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