Manher Kaur – Co-author, Out of My Box

Manher Kaur, a girl of sixteen, started writing at a young age. She has spent a colossal time reading books throughout her entire school life. She has taken full advantage of the lockdown by developing a passion for fiction writing.

Although story writing was just a hobby in the beginning, the urge to write gradually grew stronger. With the aid of virtual courses on Literature writing, Manher Kaur gained the skills to conceptualize ideas and thoughts in her mind and put them on paper.

Her favorite themes include- suspense, mystery, thrillers, plot twists and she looks up to the works of Ernest Miller Hemingway and Agatha Christie as her inspiration.

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Like a quintessential high school senior, she is not distinct about the path ahead. However, this newfound talent of writing will never wither away.

Not all platforms generously provide much encouragement to the writers. Writing on such a unique theme was an amazing challenge for me. I had a wonderful experience and could express my thoughts and ideas with no hesitation. 

Manher’s experience writing for FemmeFluenza

Here’s an excerpt from Manher’s winning story ‘Saving Grace’ published in Out of My Box

Grace wiped the plate with the thin-ragged cloth. She looked dully at her reflection in the immaculate glass. Tears depart her eyes, making her cheeks turn blood red. A lump in her neck battled her to work any further. It lost.

When the dishes were through, Grace started scrubbing the coffee table. She urged her eyes to keep open. Energy escaped her body. Fatigue was screaming at her to stop. It lost.

As soon as she recognized the clatter of her husband parking his motorcycle, she hurriedly brushed off the blemishes from the table and stood up attentively. The wicked being entered through the long-standing dull door. He set aside his empty bottles he held onto on the coffee table. Started limping towards his bedroom. “What happened to your leg?” Grace asked, looking down at the floor.

“I tripped,” he cleared his throat, “Give me a fresh pair of clothes.” He ordered and disappeared into the darkroom. Grace followed his instructions and fulfilled his command. Afterwards, Grace took out the mop and wiped the muddy footprints he left behind.

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