Learning to Give up

I know this title looks little negative. As we always assures us and others that we can do anything.

This time lets see it from my point of view. Yes! We can do anything if we are strongly determined, but we are not meant to do everything.

We are humans, if we pick one task to do then we have to leave the other one, be it completed or not. With time our preference changes, we give importance to the basic things more, than the luxurious one.

We give excuses to even ourself like if I got time I will surely do this. But our things are not scheduled according to time but according to our priorities.

In my life I feel like I learnt enough and this time what I have to learn is to give up.

It can be give up on house hold chores, parties, meetings, social functions or even get together.

To reach the new goal in life we have to either complete the old one and if you feel yourself unable to do so simply give up on that without hesitation. We are not perfect and there is no tool invented which can assess humans perfectness.

So just give up and move on to reach new destination.

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