Snehal Amembal – Co-author, Out of My Box

Snehal had an affinity towards books from a very young age. Her earliest memory of her connection with books is of sitting in front of an old wooden cabinet, greedily poring over her books; deciding which one to choose.

When growing up she enjoyed writing essays as part of her school work and it was in high school that she first started writing poetry. She has written ever since and even prefers texting to calling.

Snehal holds two Masters Degrees – Organizational Psychology from the University of Mumbai and Human Resources Management from the London School Of Economics & Political Science. She worked within HR departments in India and UK across the retail, leisure and private healthcare sectors for 8 years before she transitioned into becoming a mum.


She currently is a blogger and poet based in London with her husband and two toddlers. Her writing primarily reflects her motherhood journey. She also reviews books authored by writers of South Asian heritage on her blog Desi Lekh.

Snehal has an infectious laugh and a very loud mind. She believes that observation might just be her superpower.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to write for FemmeFluenza. I wrote about a subject that is close to my heart and found the experience to be very liberating. Thank you for selecting it for what will be a very powerful anthology.

Snehal Amembal, on writing and winning FemmeFluenza 2021

Here’s an excerpt from Snehal’s winning story ‘Subtle Sexism‘ published in Out of My Box

What I’m going to talk about isn’t obvious. It’s far from it. It’s subtle. In fact it’s so subtle that you may not even have noticed it. Perhaps because you’ve learned to live with it or maybe because it’s so systemic you’ve come to accept it as the norm. I’m referring to subtle sexism. Sexism that pervades our everyday lives. A kind of sexism that’s so difficult to identify yet as women we survive it’s malicious web.

It begins very early on. As children we are socialised to accept and imbibe gender roles. With roles, come expectations and it is this mental load of expectations that women have to battle and survive all the time. These expectations then form the very basis of subtle sexism.

Let me try and explain how these expectations are manifested in an everyday setting of our daily existence – At Home. The woman is often expected to carry out and/or manage all domestic duties within the home. Again, seeds of these expectations are sowed early on where little girls are encouraged to participate more in house hold chores whilst they see their brothers getting away with it most of the time.

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