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In April, on the occasion of World Publishing Day, we ran a writing challenge for writers to write a literary piece everyday for the first 23 days of April and each of the writers were published in their individual book!

Each of the books are now available for sale on Amazon.

Here is a small glimpse of each of the books born out of this project.

He and She in Micro tales

They have a blank sheet and a pen beside them. There is writer’s block of problems and plot points of people for them to face. Read along and find out how ‘he & she’ crafts their own lives. It could be you, it could be me, or it could be anyone. Anyone you wanted it to be. At the end of the day, your lives are yours to craft.


It’s a Falooda of emotions

It’s a Falooda of emotions is a work of fiction, a collection of 12 short   stories. These stories reflect the fragile nature of human bonding and relationships. These stories not just give us a glimpse of fragile emotions of broken promises, heart breaks, lies and deceit but also shows how human beings have the tendency to cling on to hope, find strength and courage and to have faith in the worst possible times.


The Spring Rhapsody

This book is a debut collection of short fictional stories that are intended to make a connect with the readers. These stories are inspired from the parallels of life that we all face and emerge stronger from them. The stories are a fusion of reality and imagination concocted in an emotional elixir that’s relatable, passionate and inspirational, all at once.  

“That’s what STORYTELLERS do. We restore order with IMAGINATION. We instil HOPE again and again.” – Walt Disney 

Through my Lens

A breezy collection of 45 micro tales, each composed exactly of 100 words that deal with a myriad of emotions. A character, an object, a situation that we may have come across in our day-to-day lifestyle which has washed away from our memory. A little pause to turn and have a look relating to it somewhere, someday about someone. There is peace, hope, faith, love, care, and the list continues. It deals with every phase in one’s life starting from children and progressing towards elders. They are fictional stories that center on one thing in common, Humanity!


The Myriad

Do you ever find joy in the darkness? Have you ever appreciated the obvious things around you?

The Myriad travels through various fantasy which has rules of its own. It will make you appreciate the tiny things in your life which you haven’t even noticed. The magic of reading seeps deep into you that it doesn’t even feel like reading a book anymore, It becomes a part of your reality. It is the slow rollercoaster which reaches out for various emotions that has been locked inside your soul. It would all be believable and becomes a lovely part of you.

Ether, Earth & Everything Betwixt

As children, we grow up perceiving everything around us as good or evil, true or false, black and white. As we amble through the pathway called life, we realize that life and its experiences are beyond these set notions. There’s a whole spectrum of hues between and beyond black and white. This book is an anthology of poems and a couple of proses, mostly in a micro-fiction format, that represents different hues of life, its struggles, beauty, relationships and experiences from the writer’s perspective. Just like the vast universe, the writer’s thoughts permeate, as she draws inspiration from and captures her ruminations about life comprising ETHER, EARTH & EVERYTHING BETWIXT!



Duft is an inspiring, heartwarming and delightful read. This is an anthology comprising of 60 literary works (poems and micro tales) of different genre. Each one is inspired by author’s own observations, lessons and experiences derived from life. As you read the book, you’ll go through a plethora of
emotions. Deepa has included many anecdotes from her personal life too, so the book will certainly touch your lives.

This is Deepa Jandial’s debut book and is purely a work of love born out of her passion to write, to express her emotions.

A Bouquet of my Reflections

‘A Bouquet of My Reflections’ is the writer’s maiden attempt at compiling and publishing a collection of her best short stories.

The majority of the stories belong to the 100-word-story category, a crisp and short format, the writer has taken a fancy to. In a few cases, she has set her imagination free and not bothered about the word limit.

Most of them are in the form of rhyming poems. Few anecdotes have been rendered in prose format.

This anthology perfectly portrays her expressions and opinions about a plethora of topics most of which, we all encounter daily. 


Breath – The Penultimate Panacea

Breath – The Penultimate Panacea  is a collection of short stories and poems, ethereally embroidered on the fabric of life using the thread of mystical mysteries and a needle of the secret of secrets, something which always keeps us in the present, which is ever present within us, yet we never really witness it.


Raining drops of Rainbow verses

Some things you do just to survive in this world and to pay your bills. While some other things you do because they have to be done, if you want to feel alive from within. Raining drops of Rainbow verses is a collection of free verses that Indrani Chowdhury has composed as a simple and pure release to her emotions, with the thought that her readers will be able to resonate with the feelings.

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