D. Thanughna – Co-author, Out of My Box

D. Thanughna, is a young writer from Hyderabad, India. She is as keen as mustard in reading books and a passionate writer.

In her busy routine she couldn’t make up time to pen her thoughts but the lockdown of year 2020 came as a boon to her when she took up writing herself again.

She awaited for opportunities to showcase her talent and the contest FemmeFluenza came as one for her.

Being exclusively for women writers attracted her the most and she exhilaratingly sketched how much she enjoyed taking part in it to her friends for long hours. Besides writing and reading, she is also in love with Cappuccino and chocolates of various types.

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Here’s an excerpt from her winning story “Why?” – An IPS Officer now published in Out of My Box

Sita, as the name suggests was a very talented girl. In her school she stood first in every field. Whether it be education, sports, creativity or anything the first place was always reserved for Sita. Her room was always filled with books, medals and certificates. She was indeed a blessing for her family. But was treated as an unwanted piece. Her grandmother always thought a girl child being born was awful. The doctor said Sita’s mother could give birth only ones, if they tried for second pregnancy both the child and the mother would die. This was the only reason why Sita did not undergo feticide and die.

Sita’s father’s only duty was to get her married to a wealthy gentleman. Sita was married at a very early age when she was 16 to Mr. Vivek Verma.

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