Vini Kunhappan – Co-author, Out of My Box

Vini Kunhappan was born to a Malayali father and a Maharashtrian mother in the desert country of Dubai. U.A.E. Her basic education was completed in the gulf at Progressive English School. When her family decided to move back to Mumbai, India.

Where she completed her higher education  in Icles college Navi Mumbai. She currently works as a primary teacher in Radcliffe school Kharghar Navi Mumbai. Something she is extremely passionate about. Her tryst with writing started at an early age.

She has a credible number of articles, poems and stories published on various online platforms and websites. She had taken a sabbatical from her passion for writing for around 10yrs. She thanks the lockdown for giving her time to revive her passion for writing. She is a teacher by day and writer by night. She is also a blogger writing for WriteFluence and also her personal blog vinni’s adda, where she writes her mind out.

Writing with WriteFluence for their book FemmeFluenza was very exciting. First of being one of the winners for unbelievable. Women writers writing women stories was a whole new level of adrenal rush. I enjoyed it and looking forward to its release.

Vini Kunhappan on writing for FemmeFluenza

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Here’s an excerpt from her winning story ‘A girl who made it‘ now published in Out of My Box

Born to a upper middle class family. Suhana had everything at her disposal. A good house, good education, her parents were financially well off. She on the other hand never really got to enjoy these privileges. First things first she was a girl, physically huge or in common words fat, born to a family who filled up their forms as SC (scheduled caste) and to top it all highly opiniated, smart, intelligent who had a mind of her own. Which is a dangerous thing specially if you live in a country where Goddesses are prayed in temples only to be abused at home. We all know that “charity begins at home” but for Suhana it was “discrimination began at home”.


Being the first child she was expected to look after her younger brother and cook for the family at a very young age, since she was in grade 5th. Where girls her age used to play after school. She use to prepare dinner, clean the house wash the utensils and look after her younger brother after school work . All this because both her parents were career oriented and were busy building up their lives. While Suhana on the other hand became far more mature than her age. Her parents though highly educated never thought highly of Suhana but showered all their love on their younger son “the heir to their throne” Their only hope in their old age, because it is our culture where we think its the son who will take care of us when we are old and girls house is where her husband is”. Her parents always cursed and taunted her for being on the heavier side. All her life her parents or her extended family always looked down upon her just to humiliate her for her body. School and college for her was no different either.

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