Dikshita Bharadwaz – Co-author, Out of My Box

Born and brought up in the laps of Assam, Dikshita Bharadwaz is a 16-year old teenager. She was raised in a close knit family of four and has been the most pampered one in the house. Mischievous as a child, Dikshita always took great interest in the nature and the people around her. But, in a family of non-writers, nobody could have guessed that this interest would very soon turn into a fuel for her writing furnace.

She developed her love for writing at a very young age and has maintained it since then. She loves to write poems, short stories and aspires to become a novelist in future. Apart from writing, reading and travelling has always been among her other interests. Known, among her friends and family, for her ability to put every situation into words, she has made numerous failed attempts to enter the writing world through various social media platforms. However, these failures didn’t break her courage and she continued to work towards her dreams. 

Dikshita has a very lively personality and penning down her thoughts on a piece of paper has always been her favorite past-time activity. She likes to call herself ‘a writer by heart’ as she believes that her works are a true expression of who she is. Being an ambivert, she believes that her words give her a way to express her deepest feelings and emotions without poking her overthinking monsters.

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Here’s an excerpt from her winning story An Unmatched Victory now published in Out of My Box

In the city of Meerut, lived a young girl named Shruti or, as others liked to call her, Shru. She belonged to a financially stable family and was the only child of her parents. Her father had a good business in textiles while her mother was a housewife. She was given every opportunity to educate herself and be responsible for her own fate. Thus, she had a pretty normal and calm childhood where there was no toxicity and madness. She was well protected by her parents and kept away from the harsh realities of life. But nobody realized that a storm was coming her way. A storm which would rip apart her happy and calm life and replace it with all kinds of miseries and chaos that she never expected, or even imagined. The storm hit her at the age of sixteen, when she lost her father to cancer. Lung cancer. All the money that they had saved, property and business was lost in the failed attempt of saving him. And thus when he left for his heavenly abode, they had nothing to survive on. No food,no home. They would’ve been on the streets if Shru’s uncle didn’t come to their rescue.

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