Results: The Other Side

The much awaited results of this contest are finally here!

Here’s what the jury had to say about the winning stories:

“Each and every story was a gem by itself. They were awesome in a way that it instilled a tingling sensation behind my neck, they were eerie and gave me goosebumps. Hence, the writers maintained ‘The Other Side’ cover story to scare the daylights out of the readers through their stories.”

“To write a story keeping a book cover in mind is challenging in itself and the writer has this huge responsibility of creating something that stands out as a story from The Other Side. It is absolutely stunning to see how much talent lies out there, unread. I enjoyed reading the stories. Best wishes to the writers and Team WriteFluence.”

Short story contest winners: (in order of the winning shortlist)

  • Rashmi Navada
  • Sayani Bhattacharya
  • Ramya V.
  • Linda Hibbin
  • Neeraj Shirvalkar
  • Fiona Ballard
  • Nimi Kurian
  • Vibhuti Bhandarkar
  • Nivedita Karmaran
  • Chetsi Rene
  • Rohan Swamy (2 stories)
  • Gayathri Achar
  • Jothika Chandrababu
  • Shilpa Keshav
  • Vini Kunhappan


Winners of the poetry contest held on our Instagram account:

  • Clarence Plank
  • Anaphora Black
  • Aruna Menon
  • Ketki Jalan
  • Shireen Haider
  • Amrita Lahiri
  • Bishakha Moitra
  • Mayank Dhar
  • Ramya V.
  • Patricia Dcruze
  • Suveera Bellary
  • Nivedita Karmaran
  • Kirti Santosh
  • Snehal Amembal
  • Deepak Amembal
  • Swati Singh

Our sincere gratitude to all the writers, participants and the jury members who made this contest a success!

Congratulations everyone!

All winners will receive an email and a publishing contract from WriteFluence soon. The contract has to be digitally completed with the required information within five days of receipt, failing which the position will be given to the next writer in the shortlist. Our book editing and production process will begin after all contracts are digitally signed.

Happy WriteFluencing!

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