Results: PenFluenza Jr.

PenFluenza Junior would not have been possible without the support of the parents / guardians of the children and most importantly the children who whole-heartedly participated in this contest and poured their heart out.

Here’s what our jury had to say about the entries received for the contest.

The entries received for the PenFluenza Junior contests were all very touching. It was a pleasure to read through the essays, poems and stories of so many talented children; all studded with the colorful gems of each child’s innocence and truthfulness. I enjoyed reading all the stories and poems and I am sure every reader will agree with me when they experience the upcoming book. Here’s wishing the best to all the young writers in this book and to WriteFluence!


Here are the winners (in no particular order):

  • Roshini Omkumar
  • Janhavi Sharma
  • Apsara Jayadev
  • Parthvi Singh
  • Vedika Negi
  • Aditya Girish
  • Sandhya P.
  • Ayan Boruah
  • Arushi Kohli
  • Arsh Gupta
  • Chaandneeka Choudhury
  • Janavarshini R. P.
  • Navmi Shanbhag
  • Siddharth Suresh
  • Varun Dass
  • Enakshi Dutta
  • Akshara Pradeep
  • Diyavarshita J.
  • S. Daksha
  • Krittika Majumder

Congratulations everyone!

Guardians of all winners will receive an email and a publishing contract from WriteFluence soon. The contract has to be digitally completed with the required information within five days of receipt, failing which the position will be given to the next writer in the shortlist. Our book editing and production process will begin after all contracts are digitally signed.

Happy WriteFluencing!

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  1. Thanks @writefluence. It’s Vedika Negi at no. 5.

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