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Diya Desai, was born in the city of diamonds, Surat in Gujarat. Though born in Surat, she spent her entire childhood in Valsad, a small and lush green town in the western most part of Gujarat. She is about to complete her schooling from St. Joseph E.T. High School, Valsad. Diya has been academically great throughout her entire school life. She also participated in various events like Olympiads, quiz, elocution, debate, poetry writing, essay and letter writing etc.

After her schooling, she wishes to pursue her career in Economics along with pursuing writing as her hobby and maybe later as a side profession. She loves being in the lap of nature, listening and humming to melodious music. You can either find her with books and her cycle or with her family. Me-time is her favourite pass time thing. Moon and music are food for her soul. She likes every medium which provides her space and freedom to express herself. So, she has a very special corner for language and arts. She enjoys being knowledgeable. Books are her best friends and pen-paper are her go-to people. Exploring people and places amaze her. Capturing and living the little moments of life is what she believes life is about.

Despite being only 17 years old, she understands the subtlety of human relationships. She has always been a voice for gender equality and supporting strong women. Women empowerment isn’t a term she believes in because she strongly believes that every women has infinite strength, the task is to make them realize it. Diya is a person ever-ready and ever-striving for serving humanity and art. She is young, determined and ready to set her good mark in the minds and hearts of readers.


Here’s an excerpt from her winning story ‘Identity’ now published in Out of My Box

Nalini and Amit are happily married for 6 years but they weren’t all flowery for them. After 2 miscarriages, emotional breakdowns and societal question marks, Nalini finally conceived normally in the third attempt. The news was surely a big thing for the couple.

Two more months passed. Nalini was in her second trimester and they even had a small party at their house announcing the beginning of parenthood.

A bright morning, Nalini was running late for office. She made her entry in register and inquired the receptionist, “Where is Mr. Das?”

“Boss is in a meeting with the Sen Industries,” the receptionist replied.

“Okay…. Wait, Sen Industries? Our regular clients?”

“Yes ma‘am.”

“But I didn’t receive e-mail for the meeting, wait, let me check.”

“Ma’am, you weren’t sent the mail. Boss denied to do so,‘ the receptionist informed Nalini.

Nalini was really confused.

“Okay, when Mr. Das gets out, just inform him that I’m waiting for him in his cabin.”

“Sure ma‘am and ma’am, lifts aren’t working still. You’ll have to climb the stairs to the fourth floor.

Nalini headed towards the stairs and then waited for Mr. Das in the cabin. After about half an hour, Mr. Das enters his cabin.

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