10ml of Agathism

Self awareness is a process that takes years to ferment inside of you. Everyone you know, meet, interact with or are friends with, contribute to the ruminative process. Some push you into self-dependence because they’ve broken your heart too many times. Some show their support and push you to take risks and believe in yourself. In both cases, your growth is in your own mind.

With the first kind of people around you all the time, you develop a strong survival instinct. With the second kind of people who motivate you positively, you keep growing with their push. At the end of the day, even if you think and overthink about why certain people ever happened to you; do not forget that they’re part of the ever-conspiring universe creating the twists and turns of the plot and pushing your story in the direction it should be headed towards.

Toxic people are sure meant to make you stronger than you were before they happened to you. They do not have to mean anything to you, yet if they’re associated with you in a way where you must deal with them since there’s no immediate escape; you cannot throw them out of your way just as yet. Times as those are testing. Where one part of your life overshadows the other because all you can think of is how to endure that phase and be out of it.

Do not lose hope, is all I can say. Times change. So does your luck, every now and then. And so does theirs. Karma is your friend if you’re hers. She’s a bitch only if you’ve been one.

Wait for that phase to end and don’t give up on trying to make it end. Resilience is the word. Everything happens for a reason, whether you find the reason or not – just let it be known that it served a purpose.

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