World UFO day poetry winners

World UFO Day was organized by in 2001, and was put together to bring together enthusiasts of UFO’s and the evidence they’ve all gathered to support their existence.

Knowing that the possibility that we’ll one day encounter other intelligent life in the universe is practically 100%, they knew it was vital that people started having the dialogue about their arrival long before there was accepted proof that they arrived.

Here are the poems that were written to celebrate the day. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all the participants!


A sudden sound distracted all, it was a red alert
Indicating a clear sign of an UFO approaching
Within seconds, all were holed up intensively
And the place turned grey and gloomy,
Total darkness engulfed like nothing existed
Latest laser lights scanned over a spacious area
Confirming zero presence, it flew back to the universe
Later, the egg-headed, three-eyed aliens gathered
Little children, boys and girls had joined them
Again a moment of celebration, they all smiled, coz here
They felt safe rather than their planet t’was called earth.


Together, we brother-sister duo saw the same dream
Our eyes had a gleam
Landed a UFO in front of our eyes
It transported us into the high skies
A structure grand
Inside it began our journey to an alien land
The new place was nothing like earth
Of love and compassion, there was no dearth
We both wished that this dream came true
To earth, we wanted to bid an adieu.


The brother sister duo slept with plethora of dreams
Children’s dreams have power of gazillion of stars
Surviving on barest clothes and minimal food there life was tough
Yes it did happen ,the magic an enchantment
The nights were dark and clouds emphasized on something
Breeze whispered of mysterious aura and the stars observed
A flying UFO, suspended amid air stayed in hold
Like a charring firestorm it landed and within minutes
It vanished into air inching towards sky
The sunny morning was different for the children
They were playing in the gardens of a beautiful palace
Soaking in sublime, yes they were adopted.


Glimmering stars and the shimmering moon,
Witnessed the event of floating UFO,
Which me and my fellow friend encountered,
While we were playing in the backyard.
An alien spaceship, emitting tremendous light ;
Was intense enough to make us blind,
And our surprised heart was beating fast,
For meeting a spaceship so high tech and vast.
However we both were in a puzzled mind,
After it vanished at a distant sky,
We were left unscathed, completely in amaze ;
But we were blessed by powers,
Unique and bizarre for a man to showcase.


A drifting object
Shines in the sky
Unbeknownst to me

I revel in its aura of mystery
A kind gaze from another dimension
Seducing me to another world

It hypnotizes me
A portal to a faraway land
Beyond anything I’ve known

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