Sakshvii – Co-author, Out of My Box

Sakshvii is the brain-child of young talent, Varshini Nainar. She is well-versed in writing creative stories. She desires to take place in everyone’s heart through her irreplaceable words. Her ideas towards imagination strengthen the structure of her writing.

Sakshvii is currently a freelance content writer. She has published a book called ‘The Tale of the Kismet’ with her co-author Sakthi Subramanian. The story is a romantic-thriller that grasps the quick attention of the young generation. She has also participated in various competitions in online forums, and her works were published on their websites. Her story has been a part of the ‘Spectrum of thoughts’ anthology. She used a pen-name ‘Sakshvii’ and writes regularly on different platforms as Inkitt, Penana etc. To spread her words along with her love to the readers, she is handling a page, @sakshvii_, on Instagram.


Here’s an excerpt of her winning story The Fervor that’s now published in Out of My Box

It was a Wednesday morning when everyone had been stamping the front yard of the court. There stood a lady holding her child in her left hand and gently massaging her womb with her right hand to comfort her another child. She was eagerly waiting for her lawyer. The lawyer hesitantly walked towards her and asked, “Shreesha, Are you sure that you want to file this case? They are in a very good position and they are capable of doing anything to save them. Think about your children at least.”

“My husband was also in a very good position and now look. What was his end? I’m not going to give up on justice. And my children would want the same,” she replied with a firm voice. She walked around the court and sat on a bench. She kept nurturing her womb and was immersed in her thoughts. While her elder child was wondering the things that are yet to happen.

In the mid-’90s, a sudden encounter was planned by the police department of Uttar Pradesh and 13 were shot dead including the DSP Mr. Malhotra: Shreesha’s Husband. Mr. Malhotra begged his colleagues to spare his life as he had a family to be taken care of. Since he was an honest person who would definitely report the fake encounter that had happened. So he was also shot dead and an imprecise allegation was also made. On hearing all those, Shreesha’s world had shattered and she desperately wanted to prove her husband’s innocence and here they stand.

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