Mental health and other TRENDS!

These days I’m hooked on completely to Instagram reels. I thought and thought about whether or not to post that last one which seemed a lil too bold (for my kin to digest I would dare do it…) I asked my husband clumsily if I would embarrass him but without asking me to show him what it was, he said… “I don’t get embarrassed easily, baby!” That was indeed motivating.

Then I remembered our dating days when he had said to me that he had seen my past profile pictures on social media but how I had stopped posting selfies after motherhood and how every DP had to have my daughter in it post motherhood. That hit in hard!

Why do we do that to ourselves? Just assuming that people will judge us? Maybe some will… but do those ‘some’ mean anything at all to us?

Here’s a msg for the youngsters who are uncomfortable with their appearances and seek validation through social media by hyping how “being like this okay”
Their list goes like this…

  • I am fat… but it is okay.
  • Someone important passed away but you feel OKAY to post something creative on social media the next evening. It’s okay.
  • I’m a part of the LGBT community. It’s okay.
  • I don’t trust people. It’s okay.
  • I farted and it’s natural. It’s okay.

Ofcourse it’s okay. Why do we need to constantly reiterate that it’s okay to be normal? And who are we really saying it to? To people who need to be motivated or just to ourselves to validate our own selves?

How much stress you kiddos take in your 20s! When do you get the time to love another person when all you’re doing with your youth is seeking validation about yourself from like a zillion strangers who wouldn’t really bother if you’re dead tomorrow.

I came across a reels video the other day when this influencer posted about how she was facing anxiety issues and there were hundreds of comments on that post by her so called “followers” saying she was seeking attention. So what’s the point of these followers anyway?

Well I already feel like there’s a generation gap issue here but seriously what’s the big deal? Why are you guys hyping mental health so much that some innocent others who aren’t depressed want to be depressed because it is TRENDING!?

The problem about this generation in India especially is they don’t watch Bollywood as much as they watch English movies or series…again because THAT makes them look hip and happening. Not because of the entertainment factor. Okay maybe more for the all the nudity there!

Had you spent that much time on Kal Ho Na Ho (laughs like Chandler Bing) you would know how once you reach a certain age anyway… you repent why you never did some things that you definitely should have done ages ago! ‘Cos that’s the age you will start wondering how many years are still left ahead of you or aren’t!

Phew! Yes…. few!

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