Phew! This was difficult.

There were so many beautiful entries on this one; was a challenge to shortlist just a few. So here are the winning entries.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all the participants!


When the grey sky lures light,
My lips will automate a subtle smile;
Walking down the woods, we trailed erewhile,
Questions me the lark, as you’re out of sight.
In this junction, where it rains amidst bright light,
I stand perplexed, dumb and tight;
All those entangled words left unsaid
Are now fray,
Why do the letters kept safe
Feel like you so much today?


A gust off wind bringing raindrops to the parched lands
A heavy downpour, a gurgling noise
Monsoon, the month of dark swirling clouds
A magical aura, grey and white skies
The sweet fragrance of soil
Allures our senses
Ethereal beauty charms our eyes
Everything gets washed off
To give rise to new beginnings
As the sunshine follows the grey overcast skies
So does pleasure and pain, joys and sorrows, happiness and suffering
Just revel in the moment, and enjoy the rain!


Twas just you and I walking back from school,
You were a goddess, and I a fool;

And then there we were, drenched by the heavy rain,
Under the tree, in the narrow lane;

I watched you as the raindrops lingered on your lips,
I felt the brush of your fingertips,
And as you moved in closer, your head on my shoulder, seeking shelter,
My heart was pounding, my tongue was tied,
My steady embrace, my feelings belied;

These monsoon memories, harbinger of untold stories,
And now when I feel the caress of the first rain,
I promise never to hold myself back again;


Title: How do we fall in love?
I presume that’s how we fall in love,
delusion and desire—all together absorbed in crevasse,
where oblivion and eternity dance,
and the downpour never ceases,
small droplets scatter from an enormous cloud,
the fragrances of damp soil roar in the silent thunderstorm,
my insecurities immerse in an analogous torrent of love,
when every blemish on my scrape thrives in his waves,
and edgy splinters of the past offer a magnificent future,
as he grips my waist—wet and close in these rains.


I see in my dreams.
The mighty clouds descending from the cliff-tops; melting into crystal-pearly raindrops.
The breeze soaked with the warmth of serenity,
The meandering brook flowing amid lyrical tranquility.
The trembling yellow Windflowers; the butterflies in mists, so demure.
The wet sunshine, the dewy skies and our hearts so moist and pure.
Hand in hand, eyes in communion and lips colliding.
Innumerable promises being chanted with each sprinkle of rain
But to be squandered in an abyss, in vain.
Now I hide – Under the shroud of despair,
In the gloom of maladies and ignorance.
Drenched in tears, extirpated, ashamed and bare.


Mumbai monsoons are a treat for the eyes,
As the water Cascades from the darkening skies.
The first rain of the season is eagerly awaited,
All of Mumbai looks for dark clouds with breath bated!
Mumbai summers though short, are hot and humid,
By the end of May, the slick sheet of sweat turns into a streamy fluid.
The Mumbaikars get into an uncontrollable frenzy,
When the rains make their most welcome entry.
‘Kas kay Mumbai’ reverberates on the streets,
As the young and old alike dance with joy and in jubilation meet.
To Mumbai, the monsoons have a distinct charm,
From a simmering hot pot to a cool paradise, it quickly transforms.


Thwack thwack, thump thump
The rubber curtains hanging off the sides of our autorickshaw flap wildly against the wind,
Held loosely by cotton string.

Mumbai’s torrential rain pelts harshly,
Drenching our sides and feet.
My friends and me huddle together closely
Inching towards the middle seat as much as possible.

The auto makes its way through the morning rush hour traffic
When suddenly we are splashed with murky water
At the mercy of a BEST bus.

We scream! Half disgust, half delight.
And wonder whether the bedraggled state of our school uniforms
Can be explained away by another monsoon day.


The aroma of freshness
Lingers in the air
After the arrival
Of the first rains
To mark the onset
Of monsoons.
A boon to the farmers
And a relief
To the sweaty
Urban dwellers


The magnificent aura caused by the rain showers
Often unknowingly reminisce of childhood
And I pave my way down the memory lane
The nostalgia which helps me in replenishing my soul
Energizing my thoughts, providing a ray of optimism
To shape myself for a better tomorrow.


Pitter-patter the mellifluous sound of hopes
Caress all hues of nature, intensifying each shade
Akin to cascading benison, strewn from above
Drenches, slakes parched souls.
Assuring bountiful harvests of happiness
Zephyr kissing Gulmohar twigs
Revel while sniffing the sweet petrichor
Celebrating the celestial ballad of glistened Nature.


Rain brought all my senses alive,
Deep into the dead of night,
I set out for a lone drive,
The wet streets beckoned to me,
In all their drenched fun filled ardour,
My favourite musician belting it,
His favourite numbers,
Enjoying my ice-cream,
And the call of my,
Solitude thoughts,
Soliloquy of my inner being!
The monsoon always brings alive,
My long ago memories of one,
Beautiful monsoon night!
Leaving a smile and,
A twinkle!



Ride through Rains
The petrichor carried the waft
Of the drizzle, that was to start. 
Pitter-patter they fell on the tar, 
Like white pearls on a black string. 
Nothing can beat the romantic feel
Of a ride on the bike, 
With the rain kissing our face, 
Snuggling to beat the chill of the breeze
And sharing moments together.


What should I call you?
A much awaited downpour in the sun scorching desert?
Or a spine chilling drizzle in the already frozen Arctic?
Sometimes you wash off my tears
Without anyone noticing
Sometimes you prick my eyes
With the sharp edges one after the other
Sometimes you surprise me with a sudden shower all over
Sometimes you walk away like the dark clouds blown away by the wind?
What are you?


Dancing and giggling under the drops
Two little birdies jumped from one to another crops
Rain for them turned into blessing
Monsoon bought gifts of freshness and roses
Poured their eyes freed their hearts
Under the drops not a single soul saw their tears
Rain strengthens their weak hearts
And they overcame from their fears
Oppressed by world nature hugged these birdies tight
Finally spread their wings and flew high


Ah the melodies in muted tones
I spill my guts to them
Tugged at my heartstrings
The intense afternoons with rains
They give abundance of chills
And make the leaves sway with breeze
Oh! I enjoy these pelting drops of purity
Just with myself encircled with joys
And I dance away with the fairies.


A single drop from the sky fell on his cheeks
Smiling, the little one ran to his house
By then the pitter-patter droplets increased
Drenched completely, he gleamed in joy
Dancing with his siblings, for they knew
The long-awaited waters finally reached
Proving to be the elixir for their parched crops
And soon would be fulfilling their hunger pangs



Striking raindrops in the night like a star
Chasing me,
On my way home
Only if I could stay a little late
Only if I could lose myself
A little more
I’d be running no more
I’ll feel numb,
Drenched all over, to my feet
That moment I’ll be free
That day I’d be me
And I’ll not come,
Back to a place
Not happy anymore
(Live for moments you love❤)


Seeing the raindrops on the windowpanes
I want us to bid goodbye to all our pains
Let us hug each other once again
Before we board our different trains
Come, we will share our last cup of tea
And remember those days carefree
Now no more fight
I pray that may your days be bright
Husband, let us enjoy the last monsoon
As I will be out of your life soon


During hot summer days,
What we pray?
Yes! It’s shower of rain,
With the cold wave.
Aaah! I felt the raindrops on my face,
Every plant and bird dance
Now no more dryness
Everywhere is watery place
Why dark clouds are flying so fast?
Please hold for few hours
You are Nature’s treasure
Of our Mother Earth.


The first spell of monsoon musings,
Enticing fragrance of musky petrichor,
A lullaby soothing and calming,
Silvery shower cleanses earth’s sores,
Verdant nature glows all the more.
My parched soul drenches in the splatter of rain
Ripples of longing knock at my heart again,
The miasma of despair steals the pluvial pleasure
Moist memories of our togetherness
At my grieving heart gnaws.

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