Ishani Majmundar – Co-author, Out of My Box

Ishani Majmundar is a writer by passion and works as a Software Professional. She’s a mother to a toddler son and recently rediscovered her love for writing, her passion.

She loves to write quotes, poems and short stories. She writes when she gets free from her work, when her toddler is asleep and allows her to do so… so it is mostly during midnight.

Her keen interests include reading, writing, art and craft. She loves cooking innovative and fusion recipes. She is a nature lover and a peace loving person. A true Libran who loves harmony and peace in life. She likes to inspire everyone around through her pen, writings and hopes that her writing can touch someone’s life and help them in any way.

Here’s an excerpt from Ishani’s winning story “Wedding after 50” that’s now published in Out of My Box

Ananya had separated 15 years ago, breaking all knots, from the abusive relationship. She had moved with her little daughter, Samaira at her parents’ place. Life wasn’t easy but it was still better than before. Her father was a pensioner and day by day with increasing expenses of school and medical, they faced financial crunch so Ananya had decided to resume her career.

One day, it was her birthday and Ananya was in Joggers Park for her morning walk. Her friend had called and so she relaxed on the bench nearby to continue her talk. She was not at all excited about her birthday rather was more tensed about securing a well-paid job. She was discussing her problems. It was then, that a young man, Rohan overheard her. Rohan was doing warm up exercises besides the bench where Ananya was seated.

After her phone disconnected, Rohan approached her, “Hey, Rohan Malhotra. I am sorry to overhear your conversation. Don’t take me wrong, I am actually Co-Founder of a Stock Broking Firm and also in need of a sincere employee. See, if the job profile suits you, it could be of your help.”

He offered his visiting card and asked her to appear for an interview. Ananya was first not convinced but looking at the visiting card, she realized he actually owned the firm.

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