Beyond the hours!

Work from home is the new norm now. Before the wrath  of the pandemic broke upon us we were happily working in our so-called allotted  working hours. Some may have done overtime but that’s it. Until and unless it was not an urgency, the reason  the hot meal was on our table never entered the comfort of our homes.

Since the trend of work from home, we have an erratic  schedule as a matter of no schedule at all. Our work just keeps going on. I can tell you from the fact that being a teacher for 9 years for the first time I have lost all sense of privacy.  As the work just keeps going on. Any teacher who will read this will understand what I’m trying to say.

But the question here is did we teachers ever had the specified working hours back then too?? When l look back at the time before the pandemic, I realised that the teachers always worked beyond  their working hours.

Teachers mostly are overworked. They carry books,papers home for correction. Sit all night writing lesson plans for the next day. Most of them do it while taking care of their families and tending to their household chores.

From board work to Administrative responsibilities thrown on them.  They never had fixed hours even before the pandemic. When I get comments like ” you are a teacher.? It must be easy less working hours and anyways it’s just teaching it won’t be difficult after all.” I just want to tell them to try taking a class one day.

Teachers around the world have been round the clock and the pandemic added  to the woes. From learning to teaching methods to correcting papers/ assignments on google classroom to answering parents’ queries on whatsapp and mail at odd hours of the day. Some people never understand that a teacher’s work is not just limited to their class but beyond it. Sometimes it’s difficult but most of us try our best.

Teachers  are not someone to be treated with bouquets just on teachers day… but to be respected for the amount of hard work each teacher puts in. Although considered a Noble profession it’s the most looked down upon profession too. When I hear that “people who couldn’t do anything in life turn out to be teachers “.

Well I would like to tell them if you are able to read this article bloody hell yeah it is because of a TEACHER!!!! 

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