I sing a song that sings with me

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I sing a song that sings with me,
A hymn to life and its ecstasy.
Incomprehensible to you;
A neonate in me, maunders merrily,
Charmed with worldly wonder, crooning in glee.
Enticed by the symphony of love;
An adolescent in me, with euphonious revelry,
Celebrates and serenades a universal polyphony.
My reflection in the mirror; I see the Signora chanting the descant of sagacity,
Sermonizing the melody of reality.
I, the old dame; hums her yearning to meet the Almighty, so serene,
Inundated with His aura, glorious and pristine.


I sing a song that sings with me
With the rhythm and lilt of the soul
Engulfed in hope, pain and wish
Struck by the chords of life
Making a profound effort to sound divine
Yet many a time ending with hollow notes
But, remember the reverberant mellows
Beat the blues to a beautiful melody!


I sing a song that sings with me
I sing a song that sets me free
The lyrics describe my joy
The beats help me enjoy
It’s the song of freedom
It’s sung for a reason
I sing a song that sings with me
A song that helps me heal.


I sing a song that sings with me
That heals my wounds so tenderly
A song with rhythm that stirs my soul
Whose lyrics once again make me feel so whole

I sing a song, I sing it loud
Sweet solitude, even within a crowd
My special song, I hold it dear
Freeing me from the shackles of fear.


I sing a song that sings with me,
Taking me to a world of fantasy,
My neurons vibrate with the beats in symphony,
I dance with it ecstatically,
All my worries melt away magically,
I feel rejuvenated automatically,
The world of music always makes me happy,
It elevates my mood spontaneously.


I sing a song that sings with me,
And resonates with my mood.
To make me feel light,
Like the butterfly fluttering in the breeze.
I sing a song that sings with me,
And urges me to move ahead,
Despite the hurdles that surface,
En route my life’s journey.


I sing a song that sings with me
A lovely duet song, which bestows monumental glee
Singing the mellifluous tune of love
Amidst the kaleidoscopic emotions, I’ve found my treasure trove
Rhythmic ballads of fervid passion chime
Wrapped in your love, I yearn to spend a lifetime
With the smitten notes of love, to your heart my heart I tether
Oh! How I wish to spend with a little more ‘forever together’



I sing a song which sing with me
I hear the sanities roar as my heart growls love
I write the lyrics my love demands
I knit the music my mind syncs with
Will I be able to turn into a symphony
will my destiny holds a soothing strings
will he be my song of life


I sing a song that sings with me,
Letting go all worldly worries,
That robs me of my inner peace.
I seek joy in the birds’ chirps,
I hum along with the bees’ buzz,
Waltzing with the sighs and the tears,
Embracing each moment with a cheer,
I set sail on an enchanting odyssey,
Tapping my feet to the song called ‘Life’.


I sing a song that sings with me,
For someone who feels my pain with me.
I don’t want her to cry with me,
But some of her moments to smile with me.
If she doesn’t have time for me,
Then loneliness is the only option left with me.
I don’t want to force her to spend her whole life with me,
But some of her moments to smile with me.


I sing a song that sings with me
A truth to be in the bathroom alone with me
Memorizing every rich field
Where my simulacra will come to pass
I love me some love from this universe
Unbridled and untamed symphonies of love
I will sing all my dreams, wishes and imagination
From the Seat of Love Each tone promised my soul
To cooperate with destiny as floating on its water
The quilt that shields my soul and aura
From the harsh and lethal society
Now my magical carpet to the world promised.


I sing a song that sings with me
I paint a myriad of hues, they smile with me
I pen a poem, words converse with me
I dance to a tune, the steps sway with me
I walk by the sea, the waves march with me
I read a book, the lines speak with me
I embroidered a flower, its petals knits with me
I live as myself in my world, maybe it is magical!


I sing a song that sings with me,
A song of fiction, a song of fantasy.
For I am its soul, and it’s my body.
It becomes my essence, I, an immortal melody.
The musical notes, away from witches, away from fairies,
Dream to bring about a world deceiving reality.
My thoughts burn me in hell, heart buried in earth,
Stuttering voice chants the song, sprinkling pixie dust.
A song that directs my prophecy,
I sing a song that sings with me.


I sing a song that sings with me
Swirling into a shape that I groove in
Whispering of happiness and being an impetus
To my wearied bosom it sings with me
Quelling the fears and boosting utmost curiosity
Meandering in my nerves and making me feel ecstatic
Sprinkling freshness on the sun baked trails
Soaking up all my colorless inklings
Inducing joys to explore new chapters of everyday.


I sing a song that sings with me
I dance a dance of words with glee.
Fingers gliding smoothly on the letters,
A poem emerges on the screen unfettered.
Pandemic threw up surprises galore,
I discovered my talent and did creative streak explore.
Now with my mind joyous and fingers tap tapping happily,
Everyday words get weaved in a poem of exquisite tapestry.



I sing a song that sings with me,
In every lyrical soiree I find thee,
I strum my guitar and fill in the words,
So that one day you come back to me,
To listen to my heartbeat,
Oh… Baby, I want you to listen to me..
In the crowd my eyes are over you,
You may ask if I care about you,
Not only today but every day,
It’s only you and only you, my love..
I started singing a song that sings with me,
But in the end I’m nothing without you, my love!


I sing a song that sings with me
As my vocal cords ring with me
My curves and nerves move in tune
As I dance under the moon
I know there is no tomorrow
Neither am I bothered about the past sorrows
I live in the moment
Because I am not a survivor but a warrior


I sing a song that sings with me,
The moments I live, feel with me,
It takes me out of the place,
Where I wish to reach with me.
I sing a song that sing with me
My pain or my love, feel with me,
I alone can dance with my memories,
Where I seal it, feel with me.


“I sing a song that sings with me.”
It is so soulful, that my gloom flees
I feel liberated from within
A glow erupts on my face and skin
I am transported to a different universe
With every single verse
Magical and mystical is music’s power
I am happy like a blossomed flower


I sing a song that sings with me, To forget my pain, To pour upon a little smile, While I’m still healing within. To forget all about each and every scar, I sing along the harsh currents, While looking at the stars. I sing a song that sings with me, And naturally ignite, Not scared to be left alone, I’m all prepared to fight.


“I sing a song that sings with me”
It’s vibrant beats, renders my spirits free.
A soothing tune, meaningful lyrics.
It transports me to a world of magic.
I dance with it unabashedly.
Leaving behind all my worries instantly.
Such is the power of music.
To my soul, it’s therapeutic.

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