Udita Mukherjee – Co-author, Out of My Box

Udita Mukherjee resides in the nostalgia wafting from Kolkata. She completed her B.Sc. in Economics from Presidency University in 2020. Her short story ‘The Lemon and the Window’ was selected for the March 2021 issue of Kloud9 whose editor-in-chief is Ruskin Bond. The first play she wrote titled Appendix was selected by Bombay Theatre Company for The Theatre Project 2020 and can be found in the IGTV section of their Instagram page.

One of her poems was amongst the top ten entries for a magazine published by Author’s Ink Publications. Her entry for WriteFluence’s international writing contest PenFluenza, was one of the winners. Blue Trunk Press has published a short story of hers in their anthology Square One. Another of her poems was picked by The Write Order for their book of poetry, Panacea. She likes to highlight irony in the most ridiculous ways possible. Representation and feminism are very important aspects of her life. Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde have her heart, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton have her soul.

I strongly believe that the vast stories contained in women should find an outlet through their narratives and on their own terms. FemmeFluenza was one such opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed for the space that it created for women to share their experiences through the powerful written word.

Udita Mukherjee on her experience writing for FemmeFluenza

Here’s an excerpt out of her winning story Modern Day Feminism that’s now published in ‘Out of My Box

She couldn’t believe her luck, she would be interviewing the person she had looked up to for three months now. Luck had nothing to do with it, it was biology. Her seniors would say they had picked her for this because she had carefully followed this activist and knew the most about her work revolving around feminism. It only helped that her articles were always meticulous and lucid.

Behind closed doors, they would admit they had picked her because she was a woman, just like the interviewee who had quite recently made headlines and garnered national attention. Neither they nor she would ever attribute it to her dedication and hard work. The former because they thought they were doing her a favor, the latter because that is how she had been brought up.

“Annie, she has left her room, we have eyes on her. Prepare, in 3, 2, 1…”

Annie straightened her back, picked up her pen and smiled towards the approaching figure, full of awe.

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