Anwesha Panda – Co-Author, Out of My Box

Nineteen years old, Anwesha Panda is quite the girl next door, an introverted undergraduate student, a budding wordsmith and a voracious reader. Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’ made her fall for reading. She inherited the passion for reading and writing from her father; and dancing from her mother. She loves to capture the world in a frame and grooving to zesty beats, finds bliss in sketching and painting. An animal lover and a strong karma believer who prioritizes her family, friends and ambition the most. Still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts.

The world of literature and art has helped her discover a new self. Who knew the scribbler of last page of the notebook would be a writer someday. She has lately co-authored an anthology which would be out soon.

I would like to thank WriteFluence for conducting such an amazing and thought provoking contest like FemmeFluenza and helping us explore the writers inside us. Had a great time!

Anwesha Panda on writing for FemmeFluenza

Here’s an excerpt out of her winning story Her Last Wish that’s now published in ‘Out of My Box’

“I hate you, Maa.”

“I know but can you please forgive me? People say that they love their mothers the most in the world and you, my baby you hate me? I cannot rectify the mistakes but please try to understand I am dependent on your father and I am bound to do whatever he says.

“Seriously Maa? You think anything you say justifies what you did?”

“I had no option. Which mother would want such a fate? The most precious possession of a mother is her beloved child. But you hate me, and you should. I deserve to be hated.”

“Yes, you do. Because it’s not 18 th century or something where women don’t have any voice. You are a spineless and uneducated person who doesn’t even how to take a stand neither for herself nor for her family. My words hurt, right? And your pain is just nothing in comparison to what you did.”

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