To the one who taught me self-esteem

Dear Loneliness,

I’m writing this letter to thank you. I know you might wonder why someone has to thank you. Since past few years you are mainly considered a toxic, a reason for depression and a scary ephialte too. In the world where everyone wants someone to listen to their sorrows, enjoy their joys, laugh with them, care for them, love them the way they deserve none needs you. You have become something that has to be avoided but now, I don’t consider you the same way.

Trust me. You are amazing. You have taught me that I can be my own best friend. For the first few days I also took you as a nightmare that came true but now you have turned out to be a blessing. Being surrounded by my own shadow is not a fear anymore. Travelling alone is fun.

Living separate and apart from your family is the new trend where we learn building our future individually and independently. But being independent is being single, being alone, not depending on others to share our joys and sorrows, not wanting others to laugh in our laughter and cry with our cries. Living independent is living with loneliness.

You have the whole “me time” with you. You become your own companion, the mirror becomes your best friend and you enjoy the company of your shadow. You cook for yourself, dress for yourself, wake for your morning and sleep for your night, laugh for yourself, cry aloud in your pain not for someone to pity you but for yourself. You have no one to make fun of you, to use you, to pretend to be yours and only yours. You have only yourself; the true you who loves you the way you deserve.

If you are afraid of loneliness then you are afraid of being with your true self because loneliness is not being alone, it’s enjoying self company.

Much love,
A soul that enjoys itself.  

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