Minakshi – Co-Author, Out of My Box

Minakshi was born in Bihar, India to a traditional family. Her father was a successful business man and her mother served in home as a housewife. She spent most of time with her mother who had a stock of stories inside her.

From primary school to high school, she grew up hearing lot of stories which had different genre and specifications. To complete her college studies, she headed towards Lovely Professional University, India. She has been writing for five years now and is currently working on her first novel.

Minakshi spent most of time with her mother who had a stock of stories inside her.

Here’s an excerpt out of her winning story Heavy box that’s now published in ‘Out of My Box’

He kept a heavy box there in the hall and left with gratitude in their eyes.

That old lady was about to cry but her eyes were filled with pride and satisfaction. She didn’t show anything; she went inside and called her daughter-in-law who was about 7-months pregnant. The young girl was so excited because just two days ago, her husband had promised to come for her. He went on the mission and after that, they decided to celebrate their anniversary together. He told her that he was bringing a silver anklet for her as a gift. She was eagerly waiting for her husband in a light pink saree with small earrings that matches her color of eye shadow.

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