Shades of Grey

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Life is never black and white, it’s coloured with shades of grey,
It is never just right or wrong, but is many fine nuances at play.

Life is never single dimensional as we all know,
We have to experience happiness, sorrow, loss and exhilaration for us to live and grow.

Life is a game of dice in which we are dealt,
Varied emotions, which circle within us like suitcases on a conveyor belt.

Life is never fair and cannot not be judged by anyone ,
As swirls of myriad greys are for us within one lifetime spun.

Life is worth living because of these shades of grey,
The mesh of woe and contentment makes for a brilliant screenplay!

Life is to be lived and to be enjoyed,
Black, whites and greys are just there to fill in the void.


The dull listless silver shades of grey hair
Replace the black shiny tresses one day
The skin goes dull and drab with age
The creases and folds of skin depict the winter of life
Everything withers with age, so will I
But let the inner child play and joke
The wrinkles and crinkles add charm to life
And they portray a more prudent you
Flaunt your worry and laugh lines with style and grace
You may not exude the charm and radiance of yesteryears
But keep your heart pristine, pure and serene
Embrace the change and let not be cowed by shades of grey!


When we are little 
Everything is black and white
There’s always a villain
That gets slayed by the knight 
But as we grow up
The colors start to get messy
Not all villains are that bad
Nor all heroes that brawny 
But the biggest change
Comes on the day
When we learn to look within…
And find all shades of grey


Shades of grey
The skies are all shades of grey
And it’s hard to see the silver lining
The waters reflect doom and gloom
That conjure up a picture of despair
The shades of grey come to life
And dances her way into the storm
With tides walking to the moon
A scarlet with star tears is born
The shades of grey take up more space
But this time with no trepidation
A loving touch, a gentle kiss
Put Parasomnia to rest forever



She is lifeless, but still her walking corpse wanders in the castle every midnight.
Her body is entombed deep under the soil.
There she rules her kingdom at the brink of hell, her reign of cozener.
With enmity in her eyes, with boldness in her words, she sits on her chair gallantly.
She speaks the language of void.
She is circling through the nameless city.
If by chance, you come in her path, there is no escape.
She is the wrath of a warrior.
Oh she has million shades of grey, each one of them perfectly magnificent
She wore her crown varnished with blood with so much pride that everyone bowed in front of her.


I remember that shine, a sparkle all around
It’s grey, it’s about you and I can just astound
When did you choose to stand between black and white
May be grey made them understand you, to your utter delight
You may rule the sky for you have engulfed the sun
Streak of silver will pierce
To make the light rule again
I am no different, for I thought I lost to grey
As everything seemed to slip away
Now that it sparkles bright ,
I can smile and see, where did it finally sway.


I took a walk to the City of Nowhere
Where hearts of gold who lived bold now cold
I could have known as a Diviner
Evil found this place and now sits here
But no! I would not let it!
Under this grey sky a lot of things can rain
I have known Grey my friend
In Its emotion to call forth White
And today, I an Icon of Faith
I call forth Goodnesses to birth Abundance
This way we can say the season of Bloom is here
Evicting Evil and looting the Strongman’s goodies.


Shades of Grey
As old as I can see you in experienced hills
And not as young as when I used to be
Filled with wisdom when in grey haired
Or dispersing gloom in the clouded thoughts
Blocking the lights to envelop the shadows
And otherwise adding zest to the black and whites
Going against rules to be called pallid and uninspiring
The perfect neutral you can muddle along every companion
To whisper of love and bring out the best in them.


Here it comes, the season of shades of grey.
Where the sky pours out
It’s love for the earth so lost,
Making it greener than ever
Making it blush like it’s in love.
Here it comes, the season of shades of grey.
Where everyone’s just enjoying
The music of the raindrops, the aroma of the wet soil
And the calmness of the breeze so cold.
Where everyone is in love
Either with themselves or with the special someone.


Shades of grey
Color the umbrella
That glooms over
The people who run
To beat the raindrops.
I look up and accept
The amrit from the heavens


Everything seems fluid, like two colors of paint merging into one another.
Except that I see no new color, just shades of grey and sometimes black.
I miss the happiness of yellow and orange,
The calm of green and blue;
These shades of grey i now contend with are of such a depressing hue.
The monotony of life is mind-numbing, like nails screeching against new slate.
I wish I could see the life affirming light but I am oblivious to when night changes into day.



Just like yesterday I stood there,
Neither black nor white, heart full of despair.
What seemed like colors of rainbow,
Turned shades of grey in a row.
Lost as I was, now I sank.
Heart of rock, mind blank.
Blood injected with narcotic of sufferings assaulted innocence.
Culprit claimed, my side of story, anonymous.
Rationality lost, senses addicted, them questioning.
Find myself smeared with “shades of Grey”.


The shades of grey
The beautiful yet at times questionable shades of grey
We all have painted on the canvas of our soul
It may not be very likeable and appreciable by many
But the truth prevails that these shades of grey are hidden by a wonderful shield we provide ourselves as the facet for the world
The shades include the trait of jealousy, envy ,hatred ,anger ,brutality ,manipulation.
The shades of grey if are not conquered upon can prove disastrous to a human personality
And their side effects can only be depleted by self control and optimism one needs for a brighter ,happier version of oneself.


A motley of colorful colors color my world colorfully,
Ivory – coated pearly white daisy-like days dipped in sunlight,
Dappled emotions -scarlet and turquoise, cyan and emerald,
Sparkle and dazzle crystal clear in broad daylight.

Ebony black ravenous nights cuddle me and my fears,
In its delicate warmth, rejuvenating me for a bright new day.

Hark! It’s the ashy and smoky grey sans the pearly white and ebony black
The reminiscence of fossilized sun-lit days and ravenous nights
That overpowers the scarlet and the jade in my lonely moments.


The Sky is overcast with clouds grey, Jumbo the elephant has lost its way.
Separated from his herd, he walked worriedly.
Just because his exterior is huge can he not pour
like the grey clouds feeling lonely.
Behold! The young Lama finds Jumbo wandering scarily.
He comes and coddles Jumbo kindly.
The grey sky begins to pour heavily
On a rainy day, Jumbo has made a new friend
The young Lama, helps Jumbo cross each bend.
By the time, they reach their destination, they have formed a bond of harmony
They, thus enjoyed the rainy day with a new found friendship and celebration.


Living as per the preset norms
Never could I let my life deform
Enough of black or even white
My dormant shades of grey, helped me fight
Dare you judge me with your paltry mind
Be prepared to face the toughest grind
Me ain’t feeble to need your validation
Let me be ‘me’, sans your confirmation 
For I chose to rise above mindset disparaging
‘Shades of grey’ being my new shield, that’s resolute and encouraging!



In life, nothing is infinite
Neither is it black or white
It is always in hues of grey
In every dark cloud, there is a sunray
Let your spark not dim
Through every adversity, you can swim
If you hold on to the twig called HOPE
Every encumbrance you can cope
And victory will embrace you
In everything you do


I once yearned to color my monochrome dreams,
Rainbow enticed my soul as I always lived in extremes.
Nevertheless, colors smudged my essence and left me abandoned;
I felt tangled in emotions and my heart endungeoned!
I found my calm in shades of grey;
Equitable honest and true as they stay.
Standing still Without mingling with my inner hues;
I don’t ever have to protect my residue!
So I wrap my soul in black and white
Nothing to show nothing to hide!!



And now, all nights seem to be twenty-one,
Cold gray nights, morns with no sun;
And when I gaze at those infinite twinkling stars
They remind me of THOSE sweet little sparks.

Charm still outs from Orpheus’s lyre,
Sans merry, only of dire:
That someday you’ll dwell in abundant bars,
While my staffs will still heal the plethora of scars.


All the shades of grey you choose.
They become my muse.
You’ve become my illusion.
The reason of my seclusion.
Crystals of innocence fall from your eyes.
Your presence illuminates my skies.
I swear you can always count on me.
I’ve got your back, you see.
Picturing you in my heart every now and then.
Goodbye sweetheart, until we meet again.


We don’t get to see a rainbow,
When every time it rains,
We don’t get to see the stars,
When sun rises again.
Future is uncertain,
Has different shades within,
Like winters when they play hard,
We await for spring.
Life is like a canvas, with different shades of grey
So play along with colors, live each and every day.


Life isn’t always happy and bright.
Neither it’s all black or white.
It has shades of grey.
That have an important role to play.
Grey represents neutrality and balance.
Spiritually, it symbolizes mourning and repentance.
Grey does carry some negative connotations.
It also evokes feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Hues of grey at home exhibit style sleek.
Grey paired with crisp white looks chic.
A grey strand of hair is a sign of intellect and wisdom.
If you’re fond of grey, you’re conservative, drab, and lack enthusiasm.

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